Friday, 14 January 2011

Whats in My Bag???

Hey you Beautys

So recently i have been looking through some of the blogs i follow to try and get some more ideas on what to blog about and i have been seeing a LOT of these posts so i am now following suit and doing the Whats In My Bag Post! Hope you enjoy!

The Bag

So this bag i have had for about a year now and i got it from Primark for about £8 and i just love it, it slouchy and soft and really big inside so i can fit shit loads of stuff in it! I don't use it all the time as i have so many handbags and bags for diff occasions etc but this is the main bag i take to work with me. I love the tan colour of it and all the little details like to end pockets, zip and then chunky buckle going over the top!

Inside The Bag

Oversized purse which i am shocked hasnt broke by now with the amount of crap i keep in there from credit cards,bank cards,Nandos card Old reciepts, and ofc Money. The Longest amount of time i have gone with the one purse normally they have broken by now lol

Make up Bag A must have in my bag it amazing if you are feeling crap how better you feel once slapped some blusher and mascara on!! As you can see in the pic the Mascara i use is Rimmel Max Volume and it is incredible gives your lashes 10x the volume!

Current book i am reading and my Wreck This Journal always havndy for on my lunch breaks at work! Highly recomeend this book as well!

Every girl should have this it is a lifesaver i don't know what i did before dry shampoo the amount of times my hair has felt lifeless and just eurgh then a few sprays of this over it and a good shake and ya good to go, also i'm loving the tresemme dry shampoo mousse as well but i dont use that one on a day to day basis.


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