Saturday, 15 January 2011

'In The Morning, You Know You Won't Remeber A Thing'

Hey Beautys :o)

How are you all? Had a good week? I'm so bloody glad the weekend is finally here, i don't know if it was just me but this week seemed to drag so much!! Was tearing my hair out by the end of it but as the saying goes TGIF!! What are ya plans for weekend? Anything exciting?

I thought i would do a post about my morning beauty regime as i am quite shocked about a couple of products i have found and they defo my monthly buys without a doubt, Normally i use Clarins or Elemis hydrating body lotion and moisturiser and have been a loyal fan to them for many years, I then started hearing people going on about Avon and how good their cleanser and toners etc were so when my latest Avon book dropped through my door i thought why not give them a go and see what they like?

I'm awful once i have had a few drinks i always seem to pass out in bed and wake up with panda eyes and mascara all smudged over my pillow case hey don't judge I'm not the only one am i? *Looks ashamed* but recently i have noticed my skin has become a lot dryer in the winter and I'm sure that doesn't help either plus i had a bad reaction to Planet Spa Peeling face mask which at the min has left my skin quite sensitive. So I admit i was a bit apprehensive about changing my routine but wanted to try them out and I'm so glad i did. I know some people can be real snobby and if it not an expensive brand then they won't buy it :/ but I'm not like that as long as it does the job and helps my skin out then I'm happy.

So i got -

This is amazing i have been using it for the last week and can see such a difference already, it making my skin feel so much smoother and softer, It not horrible and thick either so absorbs in to the skin real quickly and doesn't leave a nasty after greasy feel! It was only £4 for a big bottle of it. Like i said i love my Clarins but will i buy this again? Hell yeah!!

Before i go any further i had to get this as it 3 in 1 so Toner,Cleanser and Moisturiser all in one! Which is  must in any1s books, the first day i used this i know it may seem silly but i could feel the difference already my face felt so fresh and smooth. Now over the weeks i have been using it, it has really helped the condition of my skin. Now use it religiously!

So yeah people may only buy brand names and i admit i love the brand names as well, but now after getting these two items from Avon i will not hesitate to buy them again as they are doing wonders for my skin.

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