Monday, 17 January 2011

Golden Globes Winners

So how many of you watched the Golden Globes last night? I did and i loved it i watched the Red Carpet build up before hand as love seeing what everyone is wearing and if there are any faux-pas i have to say this year i don't think there was i know lots of people are talking about Helena Bonham Carter  and what she was wearing but i don't see that as a faux pas, as that is who she is and has always been a bit  eccentric and i say good on her! Her look might not excatly be everyones taste but so bloody what.I love how she wore odd shoesthat made me chuckle.

Getting back to the awards show. What did you all make of Ricky Gervais? I personally don't like him and i don't find him funny i never have done some of his 'jokes' last night were just stupid heard he had pissed quite a lot of people off as well!
Did the ones u wanted to win, win? Some of mine did and some didn't! I am still pissed off that Glee beat The Big Bang Theory as i'm sorry but im gonna say it i HATE Glee find it soo bloody annoying and to be frank pretty shite! Where else TBBT i just adore it one of my fave programmes around at the min.

Here are some of the ones i was over the moon about -

I love this lady, she never ever does a bad movie in my eyes and i have seen soo many trailers for Black Swan and as soon as it comes out on Friday i am seeing it! I love a good thriller movie and this looks incredible was so happy she won Best Actress! How beautiful does she look as well?

Jim Parsons - The Big Bang Theory

This bloke is a bloody genius, Sheldon has to be one of the best TV Charactors in a very long time just the one liners he comes out with i love him love him love him!! Screamed so loud when he won it!!

Colin Firth - The King's Speech

Flying the flag for England yaay! Sooooo happy Colin won this award i have seen The Kings Speech and tthought it was mind blowing just an incredible film and would of been an absoloute disgrace if he handt of won! I would of gone slightly mad i think!

Who did you want to win? Did they?


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