Sunday, 20 February 2011

100 Happy Things Part II

Hope all you sweeties are having a lovely weekend! Anyways here's my 2nd installment of My Happy Things I will also put a link of it in my 'Features page'

Hey i am a girl after all and every girl loves shoes, you honestly can not have enough!! I still can't believe how many I own from trainers,to flats,high heels,kitten heels,wedges,ballet pumps,boots,timberland boots. Love how can finish an outfit off with a lovely pair of shoes,Plus being 5"3 always need a good pair of high heels.

I am such a book worm at heart I seriously love just chilling on the sofa and reading a good book which really grips me to the point where you can really feel yourself in the book, Love so many authors my main favourites are Jill Mansell,Jodi Picoult,Susan Lewis,Dorothy Koomson,James Frey,James Patterson,Jonathon Kellerman.

The best t.v show of all time in my eyes i think, i have the complete collection and no matter how many times i watch it i never ever get bored of it and still makes me laugh till I cry! I can not pick a fave character as love them all and all their traits.

I find cooking so therapeutic i love cooking so much and so does Nath, it so nice when we get in from work and then cook a meal from scratch together plus it's also nice quality time together. We love trying new foods and experimenting with new ingredients.

Ooh I'm a sucker for Starbucks so a guilty pleasure of mine anything from an espresso shot to frappucinnos in the summer!! mm yes please!!

Don't know where I would be without my car,gives me such a sense of freedom that at anytime can jst hop in the car and go where ever i want, It soo nice on a summers day having the windows down and music blaring driving to the beach

Such a film buff i love the classic Black and white films as remind me of when i was younger and going to my Nan and Grandads and watching them. I love most films, love the chick flicks, ad then love thriller and horror films. Me and Nath love having film nights settling down on the couch with popcorn and watching a good film

Camden Town
Every time i am in London i always go to Camden I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much so many fantastic vintage shops and cute little pubs and restaurants I especially love Camden Market never get fed up of it, and they have the most amazing restaurant Gilgamesh.

The Ocean
Find the ocean so calm and peaceful, so nice driving to the beach and paddling in the ocean or going for a nice swim, When i have things to think about i love just going and sitting there watching the tide come in and out.

:) I always like to organize our things like DVDs are all stored in genres, and the same with books etcI suppose some people will say it a bit OCD ish but i really enjoy doing it! Plus it looks soo much nicer.

So that is my 2nd installment of Happy Things. Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the weekend!

Much Love


  1. What a very neat post! I might have to do this on my blog sometime or another. Those shoes you pictured are fabulous. I too love shoes! Organizing is also another thing that makes me very happy.

  2. Reading.

    I love everything else as well.
    But those four <3

  3. Love this post!!

    have a nice day,
    jos xx

  4. Those shoes! Beauties! Organising makes me happy too :)

  5. Aah a girl after my own heart! I'm 5'1 so definitely agree on the shoes! I also love reading, cooking, friends and I adore organising-a day organising is very well spent in my opinion! A friend took me to Camden Town last year as I'd never been before, was so much fun :)

  6. in love with those shoes - and i love camden as well :)

  7. can't go wrong with good pair of high heels can ya! Aw camden is amazing sooo many fab places to go to xxx

  8. Reading, Starbucks, and driving are some of my favorite things as well! :)

    Thank you for visiting and following my blog. <3

    xox Courtney Michele

  9. Hey there! This is my first "pop over" at your wonderful blog. So glad I stopped by today. I can see that I am going to so enjoy following. Have a Starbucks for me ... can you just imagine my world - we still don't have a Starbucks here in South Africa!!! I get spoilt once a year when I pop on over to the US to visit my mom :0) Have a beautiful day and happy blogging!