Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What I Would Tell My Younger Self

So i have seen a few of these posts floating around, and read the Lovely Hayley's one earlier today So thought i would do one myself on what i would tell myself in th teenage years looking back now. It amazing how differently you see things once you have grown up a bit and look back on some of the things you done and decisions you made, Not saying i regret anything from my past as there is no point it's not gonna make one ounce of difference, but yeah there are things i probably would of done different as i'm sure a lot of people would.

Stop arguing with your Mum, you may not thank her now but in the long run she knows best and is only looking out for you,take the time to tell her how your feeling rather than shouting at her. Don't beat yourself up over it though as you will become a lot closer and call her a good friend in the years to come and will come to agree with most things she said even if u didn't at the time.

Stop being so eager to please other people and don't let the slightest thing upset you. The people who truely love and care for you will still be around in  the years to come so don't worry and just be yourself and have fun

Don't put so much trust into that one person, he is only gonna break your heart and shatter all that trust, just take it slow and stop upsetting yourself when he doesnt text you back or speaks to you like crap! Trust me he aint worth it, you will find someone so much better than him.

Stop playing Mum and Dad off against each other just because they are divorced, they can see what you are doing and it not helping matters, you know mum and dad love you and you have no need to do this! As much as you are hurting now you will come to learn that they are better offf as best friends to each other than Husband and Wife

Dont go on holiday with him, it will only end in tears and your worst fears about him will come true and leaveu heartbroken, do NOT do it to yourself just do not go.

Just because you had the ultimate betrayel by him and your so called best friend, don't hold it against other people and let that stop you from trusting them. Not every bloke is a cheating two faced rat but unless you put your barriers down you won't find that out, go on you can do it! Just wait a few years and Mr.Perfect will walk into your life

Seriously the 500 layers of foundation is NOT a good look!! STOP it!! lol

Dont be too sad when friends move away and you lose touch because in a few years time you will be back in touch and closer than ever

So there are my main things looking back to my teenage years i would say to my youngerself. It a hell of a lot easier saying those things when you are older and looking back,I am kind of thankful i had that experience with my ex though as it taught me never ever to put up with any shit or crap of anyone so for that i do thank him! :)

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me :) This is a lovely post, I think most girls would have something in there to do with arguing with their Mam when they were younger, and then agreeing with what they said looking back. Our poor mothers haha :) xx

  2. Ya welcome hun! yeah feel so sorry for our mothers, what we must of put them through to now mainly agree haha xx

  3. aw i loved reading these. it's nice to look back and see what we would have changed to propel us to do better in the future.


  4. I love this post.. so much that in fact, I might have to do one too! ;) I'm new follower and love your blog btw xx

  5. Congratulations! I would like to award you with The Versatile Blogger Award. It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog! J

  6. loving this post..the 500 layers of foundation one made me laugh out loud as that was so me...and then there was the 600 layers of frosted blue eyeshadow!