Monday, 7 February 2011

Weekly Catch up ..

So this week i have seen a few of you doing a weekly round up kinda post so i thought i would follow suit and give it a go. Hope you have all had an amazing weekend!! Don;t they go soo fast though? Would love it if we had a 5 day weekend and 2 day week! ahhh *wishful thinking*

♥  Recieved lots of post this week my Desperate Housewives dvd boxset which i ♥ deffo one of my fave programmes!! My Marilyn Monroe 'Fragments' Book, < Read it in 1 day was amazing everyone should have this book, and of course my amazing parcel of goodie from the beautiful Laura as part of our blogswap

♥ Done lots of baking muffins,scones,cupcakes etc! I really love cooking and trying new foods etc.

♥  I love lipgloss i have so many different types and makes, this week i got a new one by max factor 'Super Stay 24 colour' which is a double ended so you apply the gloss and then put a coat over the top so it 'lasts' for 24hours i must admit i was a bit dubious about this BUT it really does last that long well not sure if last 24 hours as i wiped it off before i went to bed but it lasted the whole day which was really pleased about and I love the colour, normally i go for a bright or baby pink but this is more like a deep pink/red wine colour and i love it.

♥  Been wearing lots of shirts this week for meetings at work, and plain dresses so to go with them Decided to wear my fabric chunky plaited necklace with them must admit i do love this necklace so much i think along with my owl necklace it is my fave one at the min think it soo pretty

♥  And this weekend me and Nath went for a mexican meal sat night then had a few drinks and just chilled then sunday was CHILL/LAZY COW day lol which litreally consisted of me sleeping in till midday watched Annie,Sister Act2, and Pretty woman then Nath cooked us a gorge roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings! was sooo nice then i had a nice long bath then chucked me cow print pjs on with me cow print sock slippers haha

Pic is from when lived in old place But thought i would share them with u haha

 ♥ Been trying new brands of Nail Varnish and using lots of hand cream in this nasty cold weather

♥  So happy the brand new season of Kourtney&Kim Take New York and Hollys world aired tonight in the UK i ♥  these type of programmes.

♥  Last but by no means last don't forget to enter by blog giveaway HERE



  1. Haha, I love your jammies (yes I still call them Jammies ...)
    And I think I need to start accessorizing more. Yes. That is my aim for Spring 2011 instead of buying clothing I shall by accessories!
    Have a great one! x

  2. HAHA YAAAAY im glad im not the only one, didnt wanna say jammies in case no1 else did but now u do JAMMIES JAMMIES all the way hehe xoxo

  3. Thanks for following my blog!

    You should try lipstains...they are great for lasting all day :) I've never tried anything like it.

    Also...loving the hand cream...I use alcohol wipes all day at work so my hands get sooo dry...I might have to try some!

  4. You have cow pjs too! So do I, I wear them all the time :D

  5. haha love the cow print pj's!!! xx

  6. I have the exact same lip gloss! I love them. They can be a bit drying but they do last.
    I adore that neckless!

  7. You're my 114th follower and I'm your 114th follower. How funny!

    Great blog.x

  8. That necklace is to die for :D

  9. love the necklace!
    hand food is my absolute favourite - love it!
    you have a great blog Im a new follower :)
    check out mine if you have time, Im a newbie :)

  10. The necklace is beautiful!
    I love lazy days, especially when your wearing the best most comfy outfits, even if they are a little crazy!

    Beautiful picture of the flowers as well!