Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wishful Wednesdays

SO decided gonna have a feature 'Wishful Wednesdays' I don't know if it going to be weekly or monthly yet. But for my first instalment of it is gonna be all about travelling and if i was given an around the world ticket what countries i would most love to go to and places on my wish list :) was chatting with Nath and our friends last night about it and was quite cool to see everyones answers.

So first up has to be New York City the place is amazing, just stunning and so vibrant we hoping to go there one day in future already got a list as long as my arm on things to do there, I'm sad that Tavern On The Green the world famous restaurant in Central Park has been made in2 a snack shop :( wanted to go there.
San Fransisco i love this city ever since watched Mrs.Doubtfire and The Monk i just adore the city find it so beautiful.
Hitsville USA Detroit i am a HUGE Motown fan so of course i want to go to the place where it all started think would be incredible to go there and see the studios where artists sch as Marvin Gaye,Aretha Franklin recorded etc.

I love Italy and have been to Rome before, but really want to go to Lake Como looks so calm and quaint and peaceful plus i love all the old style villas, and then we have Venice which speaks for itself would love to go to the 18th century museum Ca' Rezzonico as well.
Ahh Cape Town South Africa is a place i am itching to go just to see the culture and take in all the history about it, the beaches look amazing and the backdrop of Table Mountain is always breath taking i think.

Safari in Kenya so many of my friends have been and said it is the most amazing experience ever, me being such an animal/wildlife lover it would be my dream to go on safari in Kenya and stay in one of the Huts and wake up to to all the wildlife around you each morning.
Sydney- Always wanted to go there for New Years eve always see such amazing footage of the fireworks and celebrations, think would be amazing to go to the Opera House as well.
Me and my girls ever since the last years in secondary school always said how we would love to get an old vintage car like a Cadillac and do the Route 66 be awesome! Hasn't happened yet but I'm sure we will do it one day as still talk about it now.

Then Some incredible places i would love to visit on my travels would be-
The Grand Canyon i am yet to meet someone who doesn't want to go there, it is just breath taking on every level and stunning, you seen the walkway where you can walk right out? I don't know if i would be be brave enough to do that haha.
Yosemite National Park i love walking and walking in the woods or round Hyde park etc, and seen SO many documentaries on Yosemite i want to go there now and explore it and also Yellowstone park want to go there as well especially to see the Gazer.
And as for the pyramids the Egyptian era fascinates me so would love to see them

I love waterfalls i find them so calming and mesmorizing so hence why i would love to see Niagra Falls so beautiful.
And last year Nathan bought me a course of snorkelling lessons for my birthday as always wanted to learn how to snorkel so one day i would love to go to Great Barrier Reef and snorkel there i love the ocean and sealife find it amazing i know i am probably sounding like a nerd right now but i cant help it lol anything to do with Nature and wildlife ocean life i love!! I have all of David Attenborough  dvds hehe, and then that leads me onto the Amazon Rainforest think i have already explained why i would want to go there.

So there are some of my main places I would love to go to at some point, Could of put loads more on but they the main ones.Where would you love to go and explore?

Hope you are all having an amazing week!!


  1. I've been to Egypt, it's amazing there :)
    I would really love to go to Boston or San Francisco. I've only ever been to Miami and Florida on a family holiday so I would love to see more of America x

  2. I have an Uncle who lives in Egypt. He sends pics a lot & it looks so amazing!

  3. Egypt looks like it'd be so cool... and the Amazon... if you go, take a million photos X

  4. Brilliant choices! Me and the OH are planning to road trip to New York next year - it's the big holiday. And i'm hopefully moving to Detroit so I can't wait to check out all the Motown and Ford museums and history!

    Hope you get to visit all your dream places x

  5. haha hayls that was a wicked post, want to go everywhere you have stated!! never even thought of kenya..but looking at that nigera falls picture..omg its a must!

  6. aww thanks for comments!
    Haha thanks Ana honey!! Looks amazing doesnt it- Niagra falls so beautiful! xxxx

  7. yeah im fien babe yourself? im just watching the match!!
    aw i know me too i wasnt ecpecting it so was in total shock..aww im so excited to try the ex factor one! :)
    i know LUSH is just gorgeous!

  8. i love your list!
    i loveeee new york!
    and ive been to detroit a few times, haha it kind of scares me! but there are some nice parts. and in troy, mi there is the BEST MALL EVER.!! sommerset! i visit my friend every summer there and thats a must go trip!

  9. Hey :)
    Lovee the pics, they are LUSH.
    Visit and maybe follow??

  10. aww what a lovely post :) being bundled up in scarves and gloves is taking it's toll on me at the moment, i've been looking at photos of places i want to go to cheer myself up!
    i've always wanted to do the vintage car american road trip thing too! i've been planning routes and stop offs for years! hope you get to do it some day x

  11. aww thank you! I hope yo get to do it as well xxxx