Sunday, 27 February 2011

Shopping & Rosé Wine....

Hi my Loves hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Had a good day Saturday went to the gym then done some retail therapy aftterwards, then the evening consisted of playing cards,drinking wine and chilling with Nath and family.

Added to my Models Own Collection, Been Wanting the Juicy Jules for ages and finally managed to get it yesterday, The Blooboo is part of new summer collection and sooo pretty

Popped into Lush and got the 'ickle Robot' and 2 lip Scrubs 'Bubblegum & Sweet Lips' I've started using the Bubblegum and the smell is amazing can already feel a difference in my lips so much smoother.

Juicy Jules,Blooboo,Fuzzy Peach

Popped into Miss Selfridge and got 2 new bracelets the red one and the one with little blue stone, all the others are from Primark

I love Dorothy Koomson books, have them all and got her brand new one yesterday sounds amazing and can't wait to get stuck in to it.

The nicest Sparkling rosé wine I have ever tried!! Plus the money goes to charity as well which is always a good thing :)

Fuzzy Peach Nail Polish after just 1 coat :)

Hope you are all having a good weekend? Been up2 anything good?


  1. ive been wanting to try the lush lip scrubs
    the bubblegum one looks so pretty! Do
    u find it tasting and smellig too much like
    candy or just sweet?

  2. Just sweet, so if you don't want a real sweet one, id go for the Vanilla choc one as just taste vanilla or there is a peppermint one as well

  3. Nice :)
    I haven't tried the chocolate scrub actually, is it nice?
    I <3 the bubblegum and the vanilla one xx
    Izzy xx

  4. Oooh they all look lovely :)

  5. Lovely!!!! I like them all!!

    have a nice day,
    jos xx

  6. I love these colours! Especially the peach :) it looks great on you.

  7. Wow those necklaces are lovely, how have I missed them in Primark? x

  8. Love the Lush lip scrubs and the nail polish! I've got my eye on juicy jules! x

  9. I got the Juicy Jules polish recently and it's so difficult to remove!!

  10. Hi... Thought I'd come say hello and thank you for following/reading :)

    Cool blog so I had to follow, Love that nail colour. As for the wine I was out last night but if it's as nice as you say I'd gladly take a glass ha!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend
    Joanne x

  11. Love the model own nail colours you choose - very lush!

  12. Thanks for following/reading my blog - I came over to return the favour and see what you're all about - loving the blog posts!

    N. xox

  13. Cool nail polish!! Would mind owning all of them! Great blog btw, I'm a follower now, hope you'll follow back?!;) E.g. with Bloglovin:)


  14. hiya!! Well, i actually work at Lush. Have done since i was 16, and now i return when im not at uni, so ill be back in the summer! i still have my lips scrubs from the taster box we get sent as staff, and they really are fantastic, and im not shy in my opinion of Lush products, good or bad. theyre so well thought out in their formula, aswell as the essential oils that they use, especially in sweet lips - although bubblegum just tastes and smells SO GOOD!!! with a bit of regular use youll really see a difference, just make sure you lick your lips first (and during, and after if you really want to :P) so all the sugar doesnt fall down the sink!!! watch my blog for a "top ten of lush products" that i have planned for the near future, and you can holla at me anytime you want for honest lush advice from someone who isnt trying their hardest to sell anything to you!!!
    ( - or just on my blog, whatevs!)
    the modeels own polishes look so summery and lovely - rimmel do one called lemon drop which looks similar to lemon merangue - except the rimmel polish makes your nails smell like lemons!! (well....more like youve been messing around with the Jif, but i can overlook that :P)
    Emily @emilysnailfiles
    sorry for the epic comment! x

  15. Aww, looks like a fun day, I love Primarks jewellery at the moment!