Friday, 18 February 2011

Making A House A Home

So as you will all know from pervious posts Nathan and I got our house in November last year after waiting ages to hear back we finally got it and whilst it is lovely and cosey we are yet to put our own stamp on it. So we both decided that this year that will be our mission to re decorate the kitchen, front room, (dining room is fine), and the bedrooms. We did talk about the garden but to be fair that is pretty perfect and I sometimes worry oh my god are we being to optimistic to think we can do all that but like Nath keeps saying as long as downstairs is down and our room and one of the spare rooms then thats fine, The bathroom doesnt need doing which is a bonus.

So we are away in May for Nath 30th birthday so have set orselves the task of before then we want the front room done eeek! I have been looking for all new bits and bobs for the house online and in stores, as you may know i am obsesses with vintage and chic items i love them and there is a shop in Stratford which me and my mum love called Vinegar Hill and whenever we go to Stratford we always go in there so have seen a few bits on their website and on another one called Angel My Table and of course Melody Mansion
now i have to keep focus on the stuff we really need as i could just spend a fortune on all of these sites but we gave up our holiday abroad last year to get this house and make sure we could re decorate so think im entitled to go a little mad am i not? Anyways i wanted to share with you a few things i have seen and plan to get, and maybe get ya feedback?

So the sit long talk muc i was thinking about having somewhere in the front room, either above the fireplace or on a table by lamp, and the Love  and Hope i was thinking abouy putting them on a table in the guest bedroom along with the brass pebbles, to give it that extra little touch.

Now these the Love Sign I want to put on the mantlepiece in the dining room,love it so cute! And as soon as i saw this vintage watering can i wanted it straight away how cute is this? Cant wait to go and do some gardening using that! And then just the Union Jack coasters which i like and love how they come in the wooden box.

And then i saw this photo frame and i love the detailing on it especially the little bird sitting on the brach, and this Vase is soo pretty. Thinking about photo frame in front room, vase either on coffee table or in dining room.

To be honest the flower canvas i dont really know where i would put it, to start with i was thinking in the dining room or hallway but i think it is so beautiful i love art. At the min i have really got in to baking and this cupcake/muffin stand is so cute i need it, then these cushions are adorable for the sofas in front room

How cute this that teabag box? I love it think would like nice in kitchen, and this  perpetual calendar i have always loved this think i would have it somewhere in dining room on a cabinet and then this fab rose cushion i think in the bedroom.

The cabinets would definetly like in the dining room in the wall, and obviously this cute little kitchen sign,and the Love Iron plaque i'm thinking on the wall in front room.

These floral indoor plant pots are too cute and pretty would have the on the windowsill in kitchen and the Laugh sign im thinking on the cabinets in dining room and outdoor lanterns, on the steps in garden.

So they are just a few bits and bobs i have seen and fallen in love with!! Now i'm real excited about putting our own stamp on our house,know it gonna be a lot of hard work but in the end worth it. Would love to of been an interior designer what an amazing job don't you think?

Hope you are all having a good week! Yaaaaaay it's the weekend! Have a good one everyone



  1. Aww congratulations on your house! Everything you posted it adorable. i especially love the cabinet and the Love and Laugh signs. So cute. I can't wait to have my own place. Every time I go into Crate & Barrel I get all giddy inside hehe

  2. Me and my partner bought our house in May last year, buying house things is so exciting! The things in your post are gorgeous :)

  3. Thank you both!!
    Omg i had a look on Crate and Barrel their stuff is amazing! xoxox

  4. I'd love to decorate my house with all this stuff! It's all so cute :)

  5. This is exactly the kind of things I will decorate my house with when I eventually get one :) I particuarly love the wall cabinet, and the cake stand, gorgeous! xx

  6. I love buying things for the home and making rooms look pretty!
    I worked in Habitat for 2 years and it really opened up my eyes to home decor and now I can't stop buying it!

  7. google home goods, they have awesome stuff i think u would love!

  8. I wish I had most of these stuff at my home too,it's exactly the style I love for home decoration!

  9. love your blog (ll)
    i'm going to follow you ;)
    follow me too?