Sunday, 20 February 2011

Weekend In Pictures

♥ Couldn't decide between models Own Grace Green or Magenta Pearl so painted both
♥ Treated myself to new black dress, Love the Bow detail on the sleeves
♥Started new Susan Lewis Book
♥ Had a film day with Nath snuggled up by the fire
♥Got a new ring which i
♥ Started using my new body scrub and it's amazing smells sooo nice as well.

Also some important news about the giveaway It was meant to close tomorrow, but as i am going to be very busy at work this week i have decided to keep it open for another week!! So if you want to join you still have time just click here.
Hope all you beautys are having an amazing weekend!

Lots of Love


  1. Love you nails. Your dress looks nice too. I love Bows :) Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

  2. love your blog- so inspirational! xoxo avs

  3. aww wow thanks Avs! so kind of you xoxo
    Books really good, already on chapter 14 :) xx
    And thanks, love bows 2 xx

  4. Love your nails, such good colour choice. Might try it out myself, CHEEKY.
    Where did you buy that body scrub, is it good? It looks like soap and glory but never seen it on the website or in Superdrug, maybe im going blind..

  5. it in sainsburys hun they like the kinda sister brand to soap and glory which i love, same prices as well x

  6. love this week in photos. i love the dress. bows are amazing.

  7. Thanks Emily! Hope Had good weekend xxx

  8. Lovely pictures! You have a cute blog<3