Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thought For Thursday

So I didn't get time to do my Wednesday Feature as was really busy at work, So am doing it today instead but a different one. Was having few glasses of wine last night with my girlie's and this questioned popped up which got us chatting for ages and thought I would do a post on it.

And my answer to that was :- I would move to America either San Fransisco or Boston and work for the BAU I love programmes Like Criminal Minds and when i was younger my dream job was a lawyer but now it is defiantly to be in the BAU i am so intrigued by it and love Psychology have lots of books on Psychology so along with reading them and watching criminal minds and the first 48 hours I would love to go and work for the Bau, my two fave things Law and Psychology rolled into one and then the added bonus of putting evil people behind bars, be incredible.  Plus I've always wanted a nice big house in America like the kinds you see in films in quiet streets with huge pavements and trees everywhere so nice and peaceful.

And then I would set up my own Animal Sanctuary I'm an huge animal lover and been watching lots of wildlife programmes and shows like Animal Cops and Pit bulls and Paroles ( which is amazing by the way) and find it disgusting how some people in this world can treat animals so horribly makes me sick to my stomach some of the cases on there are horrendous, makes my blood boil, there just really no need for it. So would set up my own place for abandoned animals to come till they could be re homed and taken good care for. And would also open my own restaurant in America i love cooking and love food, watch Hells Kitchen USA and Jamie Oliver's Food Revelation so would be amazing to open my own restaurant.

And then I would find a cure for Cancer such an awful heartbreaking illness and too many people are suffering from it, I lost my Uncle to it 3 years ago and my best friend lost her Mum and sister to it so every year we always do the Race For Life, So if i could i would without a doubt find a cure for this awful illness
And it a question for u all as well, If you knew you could not fail what would you do?

Much Love


  1. If i knew that I could not fail? I would be like you and do something for animals. Maybe stop harmful ways of murdering animals for meat? (I'm a vegetarian). Who really wants to eat meat pumped with all sorts of things to make them grow more? I have nothing against eating meat, just the ethics behind killing them, so if if could be more free-ranged :)

    Also I would find a cure for pancreatic cancer.

    And I would work somewhere high up in the fashion world.

    Haha I have big dreams.

  2. I featured this quote on my blog not too long ago and it made me think how much I would do. It just shows that we should push our fears aside and do what we dream of doing. Lovely post, I'm a new follower. :)


  3. Ooh there are so many possibilities for things you could do without failing! I know I'd get myself a career in the Magazine industry!

  4. Oh wow. I have no clue. I've always wanted to own a bakery and work in the fashion industry.

  5. nice blog, i like it!

  6. I dont know what I will do ;/

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    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  7. If I could not fail, I would write & publish 2 books a year, write a screenplay & have it turned into a showtime series, start a magazine & have my own radio show, and maybe a late night show Jimmy Fallon. Also, I would end world hunger.

    Great post!