Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Weekend Summary ♥

Hiii sweeties!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend ♥. So have started to do features on my blog and I'm gonna make the weekend summary one as well. I mean this weekend havnt really done much to be honest just has some 'us' time with Nath and chilled which has been pure bliss,and also..

♥ Drank lots of Sparkling rosé wine
We watched the new programme 'Blue Bloods' on Sky Atlantic - it's fantastic!! ♥ Tom Selleck!
Painted my nails and gave them a polka dot design I used Models Own Coral Reef and Wah Nail Art pen
Started my new Susan Lewis book and dranks lots of tea!
Ate far too many Banana and peach jelly sweets so bloody nice though!
Chilled on the sofa

Again hope you all had amazing weekend. And Thank you so much to my new followers, seems mad i have over 200 now, shocks me that anyone would want to read my ramblings but means so much!!
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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! :) Glad your weekend was awesome
    Have a great one! x http://xnta.blogspot.com/
    p.s. check out my Giveaway!

  2. I didn't do much over the weekend either. Made some sweet treats and had some friends over to watch a movie.

  3. Your nails are so cute! My weekend wasn't too much more exciting but it was a perfect weekend to me!

  4. Candy!! hahah those look so good. So does the Rose! yumm.

  5. Those nails look so funky, love the colour.

  6. Really pretty post! Am now a follower :)
    Sarah x

  7. I want some of those sweets now! Yum :)

  8. Those sweets look so good, I forgot any treats when we did the food shopping this week, gutted. Sounds like you had a lovely Valentines :) xxx

  9. Yummm on those gummies. That's my husbands favorite snack so I always keep those babies stocked at my place. Also I love your nails. Did you have to get a small brush to do the little dots or do you just have mad skill?
    Wearing It On My Sleeves