Thursday, 3 February 2011

Soap And Glory

The sky this evening when i got home from work! How beautiful?

Hiii my Loves

Hope you are all having a good week! This week i have been working, recieved my amazing parcel from the beautiful Laura, done a post on our blog swap taken lots of relaxing baths using my Lush products  and started my Deserate Housewives boxset 1-6.

Also i am in love with Soap and Glory products they smell gorgeus and are sooo good for my skin always leaves it feeling soooo smooth and smelling lovely I own the Righteous Butter,Hand Food,Clean Girls body wash, Glad Pits deodrant, and Glad Hair Day shampoo and they are all amazing use them all the time!! Everyone needs them honestly!!


Amazing for dry skin in the winter, can not get enough of this

Loving this shampoo at the min, leaves my hair smelling amazing

Fantastic and lathers up real quick

Love this deodrant
And at the min they are all 3 for 2 in boots!



  1. I love soap and glory too, my favourites are the hand food, the foot cream one and Scrub your nose in it face scrub/wash :D x

  2. I love Soap and Glory, using it all the time. I love the Flake away Peeling!

  3. Oooh i havnt tried the flake away peeling yet,think i will get some over the weekend! The smell is gorge on all products isnt it xoxo

  4. Omg I love this line! Loving the vintage feel! amazing!!

  5. What an amazing parcel! Enjoy!