Saturday, 5 February 2011

Quickest Week

Before i go any further i wanna say a huge THANK YOU to my new followers! I never thought i would get 1 let alone 87 so thank you very much!

I cant believe it the weekend already this week has gone by sooo quick! Not that i'm complaining or anything i love the weekends! Especially as means quality time with Nath and friends.
 This week not done much to be honest just mainly working ( get so bored of sayin that) but then im sure i would moan if i didnt have  a job! Done some shopping and baking, chilled with friends and followed more blogs.

Painted my nails Models Own 'Coral Reef' I'm still not too sure about it, i mean i LOVE models own just dont think i like this colour that much

 Made some choc chip cookies

The for dinner tonight i cooked Nath & I Chicken,pesto,spinach tart. was quite impressed with how it turned out if i may say so myself


Taken lots and lots of Lush baths this week.

Hope you all have a lovely lovely weekend whatever you do!



  1. thanks for the dinner idea! I'm meant to be cooking for my two friends who are two gordon ramseys in the making, and they always take the piss out of me finding cooking boring, although I am quite good at it! I might do a small version and use it as a starter?? xx

  2. The chicken and pesto tart looks delicious! :D

  3. @ rebecca yeah i used the Jusrol puff pastry sheet and u can cut it to any size u want sounds good idea for starter xx

  4. Yum ! :)
    <3 you blogg, consider me a follower
    Izzy x

  5. I actually really like that nail color. My weekend is going to consist of working some more on our addition to our room. Fun Fun!

  6. Your food looks AMAZING. The tart and the cookies!

  7. Aww thank u very much Emily xxxx

  8. Ooh those cookies look so yummy!

  9. arrrr nom nom! your cookies looks amazinng :D whats the recipe for them? if you dnt mind me askinn xxx