Thursday, 10 February 2011

Smile It Confuses People

So this is a different type of post for me but my good friend little sister has been having problems at school recently i mean badly bullied because of her looks. Apperently according to the so called 'cool' kids because she has a lisp they seem to think it is amusing to take the mickey out of her and litreally make her life hell and if that wasn't bad enough she is now apperently 'fat' according to these kids. What on earth is happening in this world ?? For 13 year old girls to think it is Okay to make someones life a misery! It is soooo wrong and something needs to be done about it.

It makes me so sad to think there are so many kids waking up in the morning and dreading going to school because of being bbullied and so many of them are so scared they don't speak up and say anything So their misery continues and they wake up dreading it then they go to bed dreading getting up the nextday as they know what is coming, Why should anyone be made to live their lifes that way? Come on it just not on, NO-ONE should ever be made to feel like that!

Reason why i feel so strongly on this, is because i was bullied when i was at school not as badly as some kids these days but still it was horrid, it all started when my Mum and Dad had seperated and this 1 girl said it was down to me and that they obviously didnt love me etc etc and then 4 other girls joined in on it. I can still remember going to bed and crying myself to sleep because i didn't want to go to school the next day and then feeling physically sick. I was also quite chubby at school so used to get called sausage roll legs, or Michilin man body and it would always be said infront of everyone i guess for maxim embaressment which worked!

I was lucky that my Mum and Dad were amazing over it and helped all they could, but the school didnt do much as they said there was never enough evidence as it was emotional bullying and physical, personally i don't see the difference?? Bullying is Bullying in my eyes full stop ! And the people who bully are cowards and obviously so un happy in their lives they wanna make other people un happy! Where else if i see people un happy i go out of my way to try and help them and make them happy, I think that stems back to when i was bullied and how i felt because now i never want anyone to feel bad or sad so i always try to help people.

I just dont get why people have to be judged on how they look, i mean seriously? How shallow can you get!! No one should be made to feel bad or sad over the way they look! At end of the day it IS whats inside what counts the most! Some people will say thats a lie but thats the way i see it!

If anyone reading this ever needs anyone to talk to, hope you all know you can talk to me either on here or on my twitter! Sorry for the change of post but I had to get this off my chest.



  1. awww i hope your little sister is okie! bles her :( urgh makes me soo pissing mad! makes me even more mad when the school do fuck all about it! its terrbile and i wish it will be sorted for your lil sis soon as poss.

    i to was a little bullied at school but even now just makes me think i should of straight up n told em down!

    i hope ur lil sis gains some confidence thew herself and laugh off the horrible shits lol

    x x x x x

  2. this is a super wonderful post. i never really understood kids who bully. it makes me fret for my not yet born children. but i think it's easiest to just ignore bullies because those people won't matter once they graduate. they don't usually do anything with their lives!

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  3. What a great post. It's so true! Despite never being really bullied myself, I'm proud to say, I never once bullied someone else. But I have in the past, stood up and told people to stop bullying others. It really just takes one person to stand up and say something to help stop it, lots of people will disagree, but be too scared to speak up.


  4. of course you are right. but you have to realise as we grow up on a career-looks based world, most parents don't care how their kids are brought up. So kids end up feeling useless, so they think bullying other kids gives them power. It's a cycle, but this all starts from problematic parents. See, your parents were so supportive and helped you through. My parents help me too with issues I have. Other parents just don't care.

    And please, oh please don't let your sister think she is fat and should be ashamed of it. I'm telling you if she goes near that "attitude" (like I am although I was never -called- fat)it will ruin at least some time of her life. And it's NOT WORTH IT.


  5. awww that's terrible. I have a 13 year old sister too and I'm super protective over her, i think it's because of the huge age difference between us.
    Some kids can be so cruel.
    I got bullied when i was little for apparantly being 'fat' and looking like a boy. When my mum found out she went straight to the school and luckily they put an end to it but the damage is already done really isn't it.
    Years later I saw the main offender and lets just say karma had been a bitch to her haha.
    Hope your sister feels better, by the sounds of it with a sister like you she will be fine :) x

  6. Great post, and I hope your sister is ok. I know it may not seem like much help right now, but karma really is a bitch and what goes around comes around....... xx

  7. Great post. Bullying has become such an issue lately. I don't know if there are more bullies now or more forms of bullying or its just a lot more acceptable to talk about it.
    Its great that you have experienced it and can now help your sister or others facing the same thing. I wish schools would do more about it. We've all seen what can happen when someone is bullied and it need to be stopped before there's a tragic end.

  8. You are so sweet :3 ^.^ thanks following my blog :D

  9. awwww no, i hope your sister realises that the bullies are talking a load of nonsense and they are the ones that have no confidence! I hate the fact that people think it's okay to make other people feel like crap!! xx

  10. my heart hurts to read this, bullying is way too prevalent these days. thank for posting and bringing light to this issue. hugs!!xxxo

  11. Aww thank you everyone for all the lovely comments! Just felt it had to besaid, so many people are getting bullied these days and it just not on! xoxoxo

  12. Awww I am so sorry that she is being bullied. I got bullied as well growing up and I just think kids can be so mean. And its funny because the things i got bullied about in school ( my hair because I had a horrible hair cut, and my teeth) well that was over 12 years ago and I can say now that my hair and my teeth are my best features. And all those kids that bullied me, well they grew up to be not so attractive themselves . I just hate hearing that your sister is being bullied. Your sis is lucky to have a sis like you =)