Tuesday, 1 February 2011

It Feels Like Christmas All Over Again

So recently I have got chatting to the lovely Laura and we had been sending emails talking about doing a Blog Swap and what things we would swap and what we like etc etc, Anyways we decided on what we would swap and said we would send them Monday ( 31/1/11). So over the weekend I was a busy bee wrapping all the goodies up for Laura ready 2 take to post office and get it sent yday! Laura then tweeted me to say she had sent mine and i done the same! The post office says 1-4 days for parcels sent 1st class so we had been chatting trying to decide when we would recieve our 'Goodies'.

I got home from work today and woooop there on the table waiting for me was the lil red card from the post office saying i had a parcel to collect, hehe well i was like a little Kid on Christmas Day when i got to the post office. When i got home and opened it I couldnt believe my eyes there was soo much lovely stuff, 2 necklaces,2 sets of earrings,2 bracelets,face masks,No7 day cream,No7 Night cream, 2 Nail Varnishs,3 eyeshadow pens,eyeliner,lipgloss,Bodyshop body cream,lavender liners for ya chest of draws,hand cream,blusher duo,2 eyeshadows,body spray,a bath bomb and Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm. How lucky am i? All the stuff is just gorgeous!!!

All of the amazing goodies from Laura xo

How gorge is this necklace!!! Already wearing it LOVE it

Can not wait to try these Day and Night creams out Love No7 Products

Blusher,Eyesadows,and eyeShadow pens<all fab can'twait to give them a go

Aww me eyeko fat balm, love all eyeko products anyway and this is lovely

So there we are, al my goodies i recieved in the blog swap from the lovely Laura, Thank u so much honey I love them all!! Reallyglad we got chatting as ur a lovely girl!!



  1. What a great swap! You lucky girl!! :]

  2. what a great idea!sounds marvelous ;)
    much love

  3. aw that is all so lovely! so nice!

  4. great swap,i love swappping,feel free to check out the wardrobe link in my side bar of my blog,it will take you to loads of goodies that im willing to swap :)