Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Boog

So as you will all know by now i adore lush products especially the bath bombs and melts, I had seen lots of bloggers rave about this certain one and when i saw it had to get it! They say 'watch the colours explode like a firework' hmmm ok! I have to say after getting very excited about using him i was left so disappointed :(

So looks good, can see all the different colours so was hopeful of a nice mulit coloured bath and lots of bubbles and this is what i got instead........

So i though OK thats the orange colour the rest will come soon, 10 mins later......

A few bubbles and just blobs of the colour * sad face*. O well it wont stop me from buying from lush in the future as i love them! Any1 else had problems with The Boog?

One last thing...........




  1. Oo I bet that would look brilant if it worked properly. I haven't seen that one in Lush myself, but looks interesting. I bet it still smelt lovely though?

  2. yeah smelt soooo nice! Like u said would of been amazing if it had worked xoxox

  3. I'm yet to try any Lush products, I keep reading about them though, I think I'm going to go in and get a frog prince before valentines :)

  4. I Love the Lush bath bombs, unfortunately i don't have a bath!!! :(