Friday, 4 February 2011

Chilled Thursdays

So every Thursday night Nathan plays football with his work mates so i always make sure these nights are my pamper evenings where i chill out with a bottle of wine, take long soak in the bath,chuck a face mask on and watch reality tv ahh bliss. Tonight was bit different though as i decided i was gonna change the layout and background of my blog i think i prefer it like this! And i followed a few more blogs, then jumped in the bath and used my Fizzbanger lush bath bomb i love it, it turned the water blue and then green and gave off a lovely lemon scent which stayed on my skin for ages after AND there was a litttle surprise in the middle of the bomb which made me smile.....

 Ahh simple things make me smile!! And then i had just got out the bath when Nathans sister Mianna popped orund with a Christmas Lush set which someone had gave her and she didnt want so gave it to me, its got The Boog,Satsumo Santa, and the lush Pud, I have tried the boog before but not the others so can not wait to try them out already they are smelling amazing!!

The packaging they came in .

Satsumo Santa,Lush Pud, and The Boog

Love how they put popcorn in the box as well lol it's those little extras what make things so much nicer!
The rest of my evening was spent doing my nails,speaking to my best friend for 2 hours on the phone lol and then when Nath got in we opened bottle of wine and chucked on Desperate Housewives i have the most amazing Boyfriend and love how he now loves Desperate Housewives as well yaaay!

I got the boxset 1-6 for my birthday of my friend and at the min we working our way through season 1 just coming on 2 season 2 ! I've seen them all of course but Nath hasnt plus who is gonna complain about watching Desperate Housewives?

Now the next piccie i apoligise for was very tired when took it and had NO make up on so if i scare you i am sorry hehe, decided do my nails white with black polka dots on! And i was wearing an oversized black jumper which is soo warm and cosey on these cold nights ( it was Naths) i have now claimed it to chill in, my jeans and the necklace is the large owl necklace i recieved from Laura in the blogswap.

What have you guys got upto recently? Having a good week? Plans for weekend?



  1. Aw that sounds like such a wonderful relaxing evening! And that box set is so cute! Oh and speaking of cute, cute nails!

  2. Love your blog layout & the polka dot nails :)
    I'm rubbish at anything creative!
    Now following x

  3. I love the new layout =) very pretty polka dots =) i love pamper nights - how lovely that you got the lush gift set =) xx

  4. Arr thank everyone for comments! Can't beat pamper nights can u!
    @Rebeccalucy- im crap at creative stuff as well so was shocked i done that lol xxx

  5. I never brought anything from Lush, but I really want to, I love the L.E frog prince they have atm!
    Love the nails :)

  6. absolutely love lush, everything they do is so nicely put together and packaged and its reasonably priced
    your nails look really pretty ;)
    much love

  7. Thank u Amy. Yeah their stuff is amazing and like u said reasonably priced as well . xxxx

  8. Hey beautiful.
    i like your layout..! :) i hope my facebook comment helped u abit.
    Also thursdays are great for chilling, mine was kinda like yours!
    p.s, thank you for putting me in your page about blogs you love! <3 your a sweetheart!

  9. LUSH!!! I love Satsumo Santa but I absolutely hated Lil Lush Pud )=

  10. oooh i love lush,my sister gave me the pud bath bomb the other day and ive just bought the sugar babe exfoliator,im a lushaholic lol,great blog by the way im now following :P