Friday, 11 February 2011

Recent Skin Care Haul

Everyone havin a good week ? Got plans for weekend? How about Valentines Day? Think me and Nath are going for a nice meal somewhere not sure where as Nath has planned it all! Bless him.I had a half day today aswas feeling a bit eurgh and had a pounding headache, so as i drove home i decided i would pop into Sainsburys to get a new book and some new skin care stuff, didnt get too much though.

Face Wipes,Mouistrising lotion,Body Scrub,NeverSo Nude lipstick,lipbalm, Susan Lewis 'Stolen'

 So all these skin care items aren just like soap and glory  but just exclusive to Sainsburys, they the same prices as well range from £3.99 - £12.99 for their stuff and i've been using them for a while now and love them, my skin can be quite sensitive around my eyes so have to be careful when taking my make up off at night butthese facial wipes are so soft and soothing and remove every trace of eye make up which i love, so nice that they dont leave my eyes red and stinging. Also the lipbalm is amazing i love lipbalm in the winter months as have a nasty habit of licking my lips and then they get wind chapped this lipbal is a god send and works amazing as an undercoat for my lipstick as well.

The book is Susan Lewis's new one out and my Mum got me hooked on her with 'Lost Innocence' and since then i have bought 4 of her books and i love her she is an incredible author. Everyone should get at least one of her books!

I also thought i would have a change from all my lipglosses and get a lipstick, and a few of my friends have been raving about Avonrange so i ordered their never so nude which is quite a nice colour i don't think I would wear it on a night out but will deffo be wearing it too work thats for sure, My fave lipstick for going out has to be M.A.C.s Hot Gossip i love it.

Hope allyou beautys have had a wonderful! And have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ahh I love this stuff! To bad I live in the states so it would be pretty hard to try out right now haha! but I can maybe pick up a book by that author! :)

  2. Lovely stuff, hope you enjoy the book :)


  3. Thank you so much for the book recommendations, I can't wait to start reading some of her books. Also one of my favorite books ever is called A Child Called "It" it's by Dave Pelzer you should really check him out.

  4. Cute blog hun I used to have this layout, so cute.