Monday, 31 January 2011

Cocktails,Cupcakes & High Heels

Hey Girlies

How was ya weekend? What did u all get up2? Sat night mw & Nath went out for a nice meal and drinks which turned into about 100 drinks lol butwas such a lovely night as we both been so busy at work was nice to have quality time together i know we see each other every day as live together but during the week just so tired from work.Then sunday we went out for a lovely sunday roast then whilsthe went to his friends I chilled with a bottle of wine,long soak in the tub,Dancing On Ice and startedme box set of Desperate Housewives! Any of you watching Dancing on Ice?Got a fave? I'm loving Vanilla Ice just love him as a person plus he pretty good, I want Kerry 2 do well as she has done incredible turning her life around the way she has BUT she just not very good I think confidence has alot 2 do with it.Also think Chloe,Sam and Laura r all really good as well! Liking Jeff 2 lol.

Oh how i love a nice glass of red wine

 These were sooooooo Nice DuneBug and RockTail

 In the slug and Lettuce
 My guilty please pink sambuca soo nice

I was suprised as was quite with it Sunday morning , I thought I was gonna be as rough as anything.Was so nice Sunday evening to chillout watching Desperate Housewives and eating cupcakes hehe. Oh and i used mylil man 'Ex Factor ' Lust product which was gorge such a strong Vanilla Scent! Will deffo get him again.

Sooo tasty!! I will go to the gym this week so didnt feel too bad haha

Love lil man

Hope youall had a good one whatever you did

Friday, 28 January 2011

That Friday Feeling.....

The tree in the park i was talking about

Wooohoooo it finally the weekend!! You all had a good week? Mine been pretty hectic but am off now till tuesday! :-). Today i was hoping on havin a ncie chilled day till my friend phoned asking if i would look after her 4 year old daughter not that i mind as she such a little sweetie! So i had looked after her 12-5 and she decided she wanted to make cakes.... Oh dear and 4 year old wanting to help in the kitchen can only end with..... Mass destuction in my kitchen ha

The icing she picked out

 An hour and lots of mess later these were the end results.... As u can see basically a mess! This is what happens when u give in and allow a 4yr old to decorate cakes lol. O well she seemed to like them!

Then afterwards we played buckaroo aw i will never complain about having to play that game i loved it as a kid, then we watched The little Mermaid,, and then went to the park for a bit where i took that pic of the tree i swear u can see the birds on the branches! Pretty. By the time Maddie went home i was in need of a LARGE glass of red wine and a long relaxing soak in the tub with me trusted Lush goodies

I decided to use Think Pink as have used it before and i love it especially when all the little conffetti hearts come exploding out

Looks quite a pale pink at first but then once it gets going the colour is amazing and so vibrant i love it

Love it! Don't know where i would be without Lush products, adore them! Whats everyones plans for the weekend? Anything exciting? Tomorrow  im packing some stuff up as doing a blog swap with the Lovely Laura over at seriously you need 2 follower he bcos a- her blog is fab and b- she is sooo lovely!!xoxo
And then tomorrow evening am off out for drinks with the boyfriend and friends and then sunday gonna go and see The Kings Speech. Has anyone seen it?

Whatever u all do I hope it's a good one


I Swear By This ....

Hey girls

Recently i have found an amazing buy and now call it my bargain find!! When i was younger i dyed my hair sooo many times had it bleached blonde, then dyed back to my natural brown, then highlighted then bright red so as u can guess it not in the best state but i have found an solution - Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum it says it for dry ends but my god not only has it put a stop to my dry ends it has given my hair a new lease of life i use it probably 3 times a week and you was hair as normal and then spray a few sprays in to ya hair and massage in, Or you can do it when ya hair is dry as well. And then style how you wish. As soon as i use this everyone comments on how shiny and full of life my hair is! I always order this now with every order of Avon.

So I'm loving this and thought i would share it with all you! Seriously if you get Avon, next time go and order it!
Also today been playing around some more with my Nail Art Pen and trying out more stripes on Models Own 'Lemon Meringue' Nail Varnish, think the outcome is okay but plenty more work to do till I'm happy with it ha ha.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

♥ My Jan Faves ♥

Hey SweetPeas :)

So yet again insomnia has kicked in!! Thought i would do a post on some of my Fave things this month-

Lush Products

L-R -The Ex Factor,FizzBanger,Dragons Egg

So as i said in my previous blog i ♥ Lush Products and at the min i have lots of them! These 3 are my faves at the min.


I love this necklace i got it from Primark in December and it is one of my faves, i love how it Silky and just bulky,all diff colours! Love wearing it with my black dress or black jumper and jeans i have a bracelet to match as well.

Cant really see this very well but it a gold chain with a mini teap pot and cup and charm as soon as i saw it i fell in love with it, just so cute and dainty.

I can be such a book worm at times and i love Susan Lewis i have already read her books 'Missing', 'Stolen Innocence','The Choice' and i loved all them, I am now gonna start 'The French Affair' Love my autobiographys as well, cant wait to start Danni's.

When i was a kid i LOVED these I think most kids did! I was in town the other day and wooop found them!! Thought they had stopped doing them over here! Was made up :)

Now who does not like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? The girls at work got these as part me Birthday present, Ofc i shared them with every1 at work!!

Hope you are all keepin well and having a good week! xoxox

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wah Nail Art Pen

I dunno if any of u girls have heard of Wah Nails before? They are mainly in Topshop branches where you go and they litreally put any design on your nails from writing to pictures. Well i had mine done back last year in the Topshop on Oxford Street and loved them. Well now Models Own have teamed up with Wah to bring out The Nail Art pen u can buy it from Urban Outfitters or Models Own online for £6 I got myself one today and i bloody LOVE it!! Obviously gonna take me a while to get to grips with it, but so far it very easy to use. Double ended so to speak so u have a thicker brush to do ya strokes and lines etc and then a very thin one for writing or drawing .

Cute Packaging it comes in

The Pen itself

This is the thin ended nip which u can use for small detail and writing etc

And then the thick part for stripes,thick dots etc but it not to thick so it is very easy to apply and drys sooo quickly

Then after having a lil play around........

Obviously not very good as it was just a practice but i think i'm gonna have fun playing with this and doing diff designs on my nails

♥ Lush

I am obsessed with Lush products especially the Bath Bombs and melts can not get enough of them, it was my birthday recently and the girls at work got me a mixture of 25 different bath bombs and melts :)  So tonight i was home alone and decided to have a nice chilled out evening- Loong soak in the bath and do me nails etc. I decided i would use the Frog Prince Ballistic.
He is so cute, and as soon as put him in the water wosh the smell was instant i just wanted to jump in straight away, what i thought was really cute when he had completely melted away there was a little a note inside him with a picture of a prince on it.

Excuse the state of my nails I had been practicing with my new Wah Nails Nail art pen. How sweet is it?

As soon as i put him. This is now one my fave Bath Ballistics the smell is gorgeous and i can still smell it on my skin now. Any of you girls like the Lush products?


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

NOTD - Models Own

So I thought i would do a NOTD post as havnt done one in a while but this one a bit diff as be showing 3 diff colours as i tried my new Models Own Nail Varnishs out today and i have to say i am now slightly obsessed with Models Own and will deffo be buying more in the future! Before i post the pics i apoligise for the poor pictures my Digital camera broke last week so getting a new one on Thursday when my pictures will be loads better.

Magenta Pearl-

I love this shade of purple nice and deep with flickers of glitter in it.

Grrrr my nails are soo short at the min! Really doing my head in.

Grace Green-

Been looking for a real nice grey/green colour for a long time and finally found it over the weekend it was the first one i tried and love it!!

Coral Reef

I love this shade it looks really pale till you put it on and it very bright even with a tint or orange in it i would say but i love it.

Again sorry for poor quality of pictures can't wait till i get my new digital camera so i can be snapping away. What are your fave shades of Varnish?


Monday, 24 January 2011

Models Own Haul

So over the weekend i decided i would get some new lipgloss and nail varnish and everytime i come on my blog i always see people going on about Models Own so thought as Boots have the any 3 for £10 offer i will take advantage of it! I got 4 new Nail Varnishs
I got Slate Green,Coral Reef,Lemon Meringue and Magenta Divine! I also got 2 Lip glosses why not eh?

At the Min i have put the slate green one on and i love it so a nice colour and drys really quickly i was shocked as expected them to maybe take a while to dry.

The lipGloss i got in two diff colours one is a real pale pinky kinda shade and the other is a brighter baby pink shall we say and OMG as soon as i took the lid off i sat in the car for ages sniffing them ( no not weird) just couldnt put my finger on the smell then i twigged BAKEWELL tart haha again i am not going mad has any of you got any of their lipgloss? Dont u think they have an Almondy scent to them? Love it!!

Love both these shades so glad all of u always keep going on about Models Own haha will deffo be buyin more from them for sure!!
Hope you are all havin a good start to ya week!


Friday, 21 January 2011

Recent Buys And My New Addiction

Hey Sweet peas

How has your week been going? I'm so glad it the weekend tomorrow yaaay plus it my birthday on Monday so having a long weekend - No more work till Tuesday which is always a plus! This week i have been working mainly, and getting back in2 the gym I have also bought a couple of items and done some more of my Wreck This Journal I have to admit i am loving it! Everyone should have one, it so silly that it is fun!

I got a new t-shirt blouse from Dorothy Perkins on Weds as soon as i saw it i fell in love with it, I love the pinky colour of it and really cute and girly with the bird prints on it and i love the fact the collar you tie in to a bow which i adore

My new blouse i love the colour and the little birds all over it and the main thing i love is collar you can tie in to a bow which looks really nice.

I also got a gorgeous long chain necklace from Ribbon and Asher  which has little beads on part of it, and a gold bow, a couple of heart lockets, and a silk mini rose and i have to say i have worn it everyday since i got it i love it but then i am a necklace junkie anyway i most have thousands.

I think it is just sooo pretty with all the different little details on it! Wear it with everything.

And then also I have been doing more of my Wreck This Journal this week i had it as one of my stocking fillers and it just so silly all the things it tells you to do but it good fun as well especially if i am bored and want a good doodle ha ha.

These two pages were 'Cover in stickers'

Doddle like it is the back of an envelope

Write the same word over and over ha ha

So that is it for me this week so far, Hope you are all having a good week so far? Plans for the weekends?
Before I go *Waves* HI to my new followers stop by and say Hi.

Much Love & Kisses Mwah

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Whole Lotta Lovin............

So i have been quite ill the past few days with some sickness bug which has been going around so i have been catching up on the blog world and reading some new ones and this post i'm about 2 do i found on the wonderful Ray's blog which you can find here  and i thought i would do the same kinda one as was something a bit different, Hope ya don't mind! So anyway i love reading through peoples blogs and seeing all the different ones out there and i have a list of all my fave ones which is on the left hand side of my blog and i recomeend you follow them all, But i have a few which i adore and love and these are them and why


Laura is a complete sweetheart her blog was one of the first i followed and even now a few months on, it is the first blog i read as soon as i log on, LOVE her make up reviews, fashion posts,everyday posts, the pictures, Honestly it is an incredible blog i think what makes it even more better is the girl who writes it is lovely a real nice girl, Only been speaking a while on twitter and i can tell she is gonna go far in life and i hope she does cos she really deserves it. So go on go follow her blog trust me you will not b disappointed!

Only been reading Ray blog for a few weeks now and i must admit i am hooked! I love it got everything you need,make up,fashion,life in general! Another blog you have to follow! Seems a real nice person as well. So glad i started following.

Aw Ana the very first blog i ever followed and havnt looked back since!! A complete darling, we speak a lot now on twitter and facebook and she is such a lovely girl real funny as well, her blog is amazing i always read it every day and you should 2.

I adore this blog for the main reason Amy is as obsessed with Nail polish as i am, never thought i would meet some1 who loves it so much yaay there r 2 of us! I love checking out her blog and seeing the new ones she has got plus a really lovely lovely girl.

I love all the blogs i follow i really do, but these 4 are the stand out ones for me where as soon as im logged in, im checking out their new posts. If you want fantastic blogs to read about anything from day2day stuff , to make up,fashion then these are ya girls!!
To check their blogs out just click on their headers!

xoxox Hay xoxo

p.s hope you girls didnt mind me using ya headers for this post on u all xx