Sunday, 27 February 2011

Shopping & Rosé Wine....

Hi my Loves hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Had a good day Saturday went to the gym then done some retail therapy aftterwards, then the evening consisted of playing cards,drinking wine and chilling with Nath and family.

Added to my Models Own Collection, Been Wanting the Juicy Jules for ages and finally managed to get it yesterday, The Blooboo is part of new summer collection and sooo pretty

Popped into Lush and got the 'ickle Robot' and 2 lip Scrubs 'Bubblegum & Sweet Lips' I've started using the Bubblegum and the smell is amazing can already feel a difference in my lips so much smoother.

Juicy Jules,Blooboo,Fuzzy Peach

Popped into Miss Selfridge and got 2 new bracelets the red one and the one with little blue stone, all the others are from Primark

I love Dorothy Koomson books, have them all and got her brand new one yesterday sounds amazing and can't wait to get stuck in to it.

The nicest Sparkling rosé wine I have ever tried!! Plus the money goes to charity as well which is always a good thing :)

Fuzzy Peach Nail Polish after just 1 coat :)

Hope you are all having a good weekend? Been up2 anything good?

Friday, 25 February 2011

Feel Good Friday

Woop Woop the weekend is finally here! *Screams with joy* decided to book Monday off so me and the Boy can have a long weekend. Had quite a good week  Finally booked and paid for our trip to Dublin in May for Naths *30th* with 7 of our friends going for 4 nights, can't wait Love Dublin and the irish people are soo nice and laid back and know how to have a good time. Been quite nice past few days weather wise which always pt a huge smile on my face as means spring/summer is on its way which means time to get the brighter lipsticks out, and time to hit the gym harder, as I don't know if it only me but when the weather is pretty crappy find always snacking on crisps or choc.Hope you've all had a good week and have a lovely weekend!

Two new lipsticks i got, Borjouis RoseP, and Gosh Tropical Pink
Two of my new rings i got this week from Primark LOVE them

Aw The Lindt Bunnies <3 So nice

Love this Models Own Polish at the min, especially when weather been crap nice to have a bright polish on

Also 2 days left of my *giveaway* so feel free to go and enter!
Have a good weekend every1

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thought For Thursday

So I didn't get time to do my Wednesday Feature as was really busy at work, So am doing it today instead but a different one. Was having few glasses of wine last night with my girlie's and this questioned popped up which got us chatting for ages and thought I would do a post on it.

And my answer to that was :- I would move to America either San Fransisco or Boston and work for the BAU I love programmes Like Criminal Minds and when i was younger my dream job was a lawyer but now it is defiantly to be in the BAU i am so intrigued by it and love Psychology have lots of books on Psychology so along with reading them and watching criminal minds and the first 48 hours I would love to go and work for the Bau, my two fave things Law and Psychology rolled into one and then the added bonus of putting evil people behind bars, be incredible.  Plus I've always wanted a nice big house in America like the kinds you see in films in quiet streets with huge pavements and trees everywhere so nice and peaceful.

And then I would set up my own Animal Sanctuary I'm an huge animal lover and been watching lots of wildlife programmes and shows like Animal Cops and Pit bulls and Paroles ( which is amazing by the way) and find it disgusting how some people in this world can treat animals so horribly makes me sick to my stomach some of the cases on there are horrendous, makes my blood boil, there just really no need for it. So would set up my own place for abandoned animals to come till they could be re homed and taken good care for. And would also open my own restaurant in America i love cooking and love food, watch Hells Kitchen USA and Jamie Oliver's Food Revelation so would be amazing to open my own restaurant.

And then I would find a cure for Cancer such an awful heartbreaking illness and too many people are suffering from it, I lost my Uncle to it 3 years ago and my best friend lost her Mum and sister to it so every year we always do the Race For Life, So if i could i would without a doubt find a cure for this awful illness
And it a question for u all as well, If you knew you could not fail what would you do?

Much Love

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I Just Couldn't Help Myself......

So this morning i was up so early for work and readywell in advance i though i would head into town and have a coffee before hand! Well to get to my work and starbucks you have to walk past Primark and I kept saying 'Jst keep walking' but somehow i ended up standing in there picking out new jewlery items to be fair i think the wind was so strong it blew me in there today, no other reason lol. It would of been so rude not to buy a few things whilst there so here is what I got

Four bracelets and three rings Couldn't say no to these items i love them, so cute

 I love this lace 'friendship' style bracelet

Been looking for rings like these two for a while now and as soon as saw them just had to get them.
Upon leaving Primark i swept into Superdrug as well ( just seems to happen) and needed a new lipstick anyway, and then saw these amazing nail art polishs all different kinds, and theres a flip frenchie as well where u can paint ya nails a vibrant red and then u got pink glitter to do the tips very cute so i got that and then a sprinkle and strip which is a pot of glitter dust and thin art pen to decorate nails from time to time.

I will be doing reviews on these soon, hope they are as good as they look! And then an extra bonus I got to work and it is soooo qiet that my boss sent me and 2 others home for the day yaaay. At least the journey was not wasted eh!
Hope you are all good! :-)

A Whole Lot Of Lovin Part III

So then sweeties here is the third installment of my Blog Recommendations, I haven't been a blogger for very along about 6 months and there are some amazing blogs out there some just on fashion and make up,some funny ones, and some general ones and some all of them in one and I have so many i Love and read every single time i am on here and I'm a pretty good judge so i reckon you would love them as well, for this installment these are the three i Recommend you go and follow

The Lovely Sam at

One of the first blogs i followed and i love logging into blogger and reading Sam's posts of the day and seeing her amazing pictures she takes. Love it! Seems like a lovely person as well!

Hannah's blog always makes me smile when ever i read it, It has a bit of everything - everyday life,hauls,fashion and one of my faves,been chatting on twitter and such a lovely lovely person.

And last but by no means last ....

I cant put a pic up here of header as laptop playing up! This girl is a complete sweetheart got chatting few months ago when we done a blog swap together and now chat loads on twitter her blog is amazing I love it. You need to follow her! one the nicest people I've grown to know! Also she makes her own fantastic jewellery should ask her about it!

So there are my three this time around! Hope you are all having a good week!

Lotsa Love

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Weekend In Pictures

♥ Couldn't decide between models Own Grace Green or Magenta Pearl so painted both
♥ Treated myself to new black dress, Love the Bow detail on the sleeves
♥Started new Susan Lewis Book
♥ Had a film day with Nath snuggled up by the fire
♥Got a new ring which i
♥ Started using my new body scrub and it's amazing smells sooo nice as well.

Also some important news about the giveaway It was meant to close tomorrow, but as i am going to be very busy at work this week i have decided to keep it open for another week!! So if you want to join you still have time just click here.
Hope all you beautys are having an amazing weekend!

Lots of Love

100 Happy Things Part II

Hope all you sweeties are having a lovely weekend! Anyways here's my 2nd installment of My Happy Things I will also put a link of it in my 'Features page'

Hey i am a girl after all and every girl loves shoes, you honestly can not have enough!! I still can't believe how many I own from trainers,to flats,high heels,kitten heels,wedges,ballet pumps,boots,timberland boots. Love how can finish an outfit off with a lovely pair of shoes,Plus being 5"3 always need a good pair of high heels.

I am such a book worm at heart I seriously love just chilling on the sofa and reading a good book which really grips me to the point where you can really feel yourself in the book, Love so many authors my main favourites are Jill Mansell,Jodi Picoult,Susan Lewis,Dorothy Koomson,James Frey,James Patterson,Jonathon Kellerman.

The best t.v show of all time in my eyes i think, i have the complete collection and no matter how many times i watch it i never ever get bored of it and still makes me laugh till I cry! I can not pick a fave character as love them all and all their traits.

I find cooking so therapeutic i love cooking so much and so does Nath, it so nice when we get in from work and then cook a meal from scratch together plus it's also nice quality time together. We love trying new foods and experimenting with new ingredients.

Ooh I'm a sucker for Starbucks so a guilty pleasure of mine anything from an espresso shot to frappucinnos in the summer!! mm yes please!!

Don't know where I would be without my car,gives me such a sense of freedom that at anytime can jst hop in the car and go where ever i want, It soo nice on a summers day having the windows down and music blaring driving to the beach

Such a film buff i love the classic Black and white films as remind me of when i was younger and going to my Nan and Grandads and watching them. I love most films, love the chick flicks, ad then love thriller and horror films. Me and Nath love having film nights settling down on the couch with popcorn and watching a good film

Camden Town
Every time i am in London i always go to Camden I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much so many fantastic vintage shops and cute little pubs and restaurants I especially love Camden Market never get fed up of it, and they have the most amazing restaurant Gilgamesh.

The Ocean
Find the ocean so calm and peaceful, so nice driving to the beach and paddling in the ocean or going for a nice swim, When i have things to think about i love just going and sitting there watching the tide come in and out.

:) I always like to organize our things like DVDs are all stored in genres, and the same with books etcI suppose some people will say it a bit OCD ish but i really enjoy doing it! Plus it looks soo much nicer.

So that is my 2nd installment of Happy Things. Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the weekend!

Much Love

Friday, 18 February 2011

Making A House A Home

So as you will all know from pervious posts Nathan and I got our house in November last year after waiting ages to hear back we finally got it and whilst it is lovely and cosey we are yet to put our own stamp on it. So we both decided that this year that will be our mission to re decorate the kitchen, front room, (dining room is fine), and the bedrooms. We did talk about the garden but to be fair that is pretty perfect and I sometimes worry oh my god are we being to optimistic to think we can do all that but like Nath keeps saying as long as downstairs is down and our room and one of the spare rooms then thats fine, The bathroom doesnt need doing which is a bonus.

So we are away in May for Nath 30th birthday so have set orselves the task of before then we want the front room done eeek! I have been looking for all new bits and bobs for the house online and in stores, as you may know i am obsesses with vintage and chic items i love them and there is a shop in Stratford which me and my mum love called Vinegar Hill and whenever we go to Stratford we always go in there so have seen a few bits on their website and on another one called Angel My Table and of course Melody Mansion
now i have to keep focus on the stuff we really need as i could just spend a fortune on all of these sites but we gave up our holiday abroad last year to get this house and make sure we could re decorate so think im entitled to go a little mad am i not? Anyways i wanted to share with you a few things i have seen and plan to get, and maybe get ya feedback?

So the sit long talk muc i was thinking about having somewhere in the front room, either above the fireplace or on a table by lamp, and the Love  and Hope i was thinking abouy putting them on a table in the guest bedroom along with the brass pebbles, to give it that extra little touch.

Now these the Love Sign I want to put on the mantlepiece in the dining room,love it so cute! And as soon as i saw this vintage watering can i wanted it straight away how cute is this? Cant wait to go and do some gardening using that! And then just the Union Jack coasters which i like and love how they come in the wooden box.

And then i saw this photo frame and i love the detailing on it especially the little bird sitting on the brach, and this Vase is soo pretty. Thinking about photo frame in front room, vase either on coffee table or in dining room.

To be honest the flower canvas i dont really know where i would put it, to start with i was thinking in the dining room or hallway but i think it is so beautiful i love art. At the min i have really got in to baking and this cupcake/muffin stand is so cute i need it, then these cushions are adorable for the sofas in front room

How cute this that teabag box? I love it think would like nice in kitchen, and this  perpetual calendar i have always loved this think i would have it somewhere in dining room on a cabinet and then this fab rose cushion i think in the bedroom.

The cabinets would definetly like in the dining room in the wall, and obviously this cute little kitchen sign,and the Love Iron plaque i'm thinking on the wall in front room.

These floral indoor plant pots are too cute and pretty would have the on the windowsill in kitchen and the Laugh sign im thinking on the cabinets in dining room and outdoor lanterns, on the steps in garden.

So they are just a few bits and bobs i have seen and fallen in love with!! Now i'm real excited about putting our own stamp on our house,know it gonna be a lot of hard work but in the end worth it. Would love to of been an interior designer what an amazing job don't you think?

Hope you are all having a good week! Yaaaaaay it's the weekend! Have a good one everyone


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wishful Wednesdays

SO decided gonna have a feature 'Wishful Wednesdays' I don't know if it going to be weekly or monthly yet. But for my first instalment of it is gonna be all about travelling and if i was given an around the world ticket what countries i would most love to go to and places on my wish list :) was chatting with Nath and our friends last night about it and was quite cool to see everyones answers.

So first up has to be New York City the place is amazing, just stunning and so vibrant we hoping to go there one day in future already got a list as long as my arm on things to do there, I'm sad that Tavern On The Green the world famous restaurant in Central Park has been made in2 a snack shop :( wanted to go there.
San Fransisco i love this city ever since watched Mrs.Doubtfire and The Monk i just adore the city find it so beautiful.
Hitsville USA Detroit i am a HUGE Motown fan so of course i want to go to the place where it all started think would be incredible to go there and see the studios where artists sch as Marvin Gaye,Aretha Franklin recorded etc.

I love Italy and have been to Rome before, but really want to go to Lake Como looks so calm and quaint and peaceful plus i love all the old style villas, and then we have Venice which speaks for itself would love to go to the 18th century museum Ca' Rezzonico as well.
Ahh Cape Town South Africa is a place i am itching to go just to see the culture and take in all the history about it, the beaches look amazing and the backdrop of Table Mountain is always breath taking i think.

Safari in Kenya so many of my friends have been and said it is the most amazing experience ever, me being such an animal/wildlife lover it would be my dream to go on safari in Kenya and stay in one of the Huts and wake up to to all the wildlife around you each morning.
Sydney- Always wanted to go there for New Years eve always see such amazing footage of the fireworks and celebrations, think would be amazing to go to the Opera House as well.
Me and my girls ever since the last years in secondary school always said how we would love to get an old vintage car like a Cadillac and do the Route 66 be awesome! Hasn't happened yet but I'm sure we will do it one day as still talk about it now.

Then Some incredible places i would love to visit on my travels would be-
The Grand Canyon i am yet to meet someone who doesn't want to go there, it is just breath taking on every level and stunning, you seen the walkway where you can walk right out? I don't know if i would be be brave enough to do that haha.
Yosemite National Park i love walking and walking in the woods or round Hyde park etc, and seen SO many documentaries on Yosemite i want to go there now and explore it and also Yellowstone park want to go there as well especially to see the Gazer.
And as for the pyramids the Egyptian era fascinates me so would love to see them

I love waterfalls i find them so calming and mesmorizing so hence why i would love to see Niagra Falls so beautiful.
And last year Nathan bought me a course of snorkelling lessons for my birthday as always wanted to learn how to snorkel so one day i would love to go to Great Barrier Reef and snorkel there i love the ocean and sealife find it amazing i know i am probably sounding like a nerd right now but i cant help it lol anything to do with Nature and wildlife ocean life i love!! I have all of David Attenborough  dvds hehe, and then that leads me onto the Amazon Rainforest think i have already explained why i would want to go there.

So there are some of my main places I would love to go to at some point, Could of put loads more on but they the main ones.Where would you love to go and explore?

Hope you are all having an amazing week!!

Roll On The Summer..

Recently i have fallen in love with Forver21 website for dresses and bits and bobs, was looking on there tonight at their spring/summer collection and all i can say is roll on the summer when i can buy some of their stuff it is just beautiful and so girly and they have just opened a store p in Birmingham yaaay so one weekend gonna go down and get some stuff. Here are a few items i put together from their website what i love for the summer.

I love these huge rings especially the floral print one, think will look real nice during the day or where it on a night out, and im loving the detailing on this necklace really cute i think.

Loving all these day dresses especially the middle one, and love the vibrant colours on the pink floral one i will deffo be buying one each of these, I think i like the blue one i'm not too sure tho! So easy to dress them down for during the day with pair flat sandels or chuck pair high heels on a chunky ring and ya good to go for night out.

Love the tan hand bag, big enough to put all stuff in it for day at beach. And the sunglasses i mean who doesnt love the Aviator style sunglasses I treated myself to a pay of Ray-Ban ones last year but always by a couple of back up glasses for when wanna just go beach etc!

Can't wait for summer! Seems like it has been winter for soooo long now far too cold for my liking, need to be laying on the beach chilling to music and catching some rays :).