Tuesday, 1 March 2011

And The Winner Is.........................

Hey my Loves

So as you all know I have been hosting my first giveaway and it finally closed yesterday, I have finally got round to picking a winner, I used an online excel spreadsheet to put everyones entries on there 366 in total you can see it here and then I used random.org to fairly pick a winner and saved it to paint and tried to crop it which didn't work to well but you can still see clearly the numbers etc.

So the winner is............

Really don't ask me what happened with it, lol all i can say is it decided to have a hissy fit, bt u can clearly see all the numbers! Sooooo *Drum roll* the winner is...

Well done lovely, expect an email some point today to see which products you would like etc.
Thanks 2 every1 who entered, will be hosting another giveaway in April.



  1. Omg yay! I've just seen this, SO exciting! Thanks so much hun! xxx

  2. Ya welcome honey! Shall e-mail you in a bit xxxx

  3. congratulations on your first giveaway! And to Rachel the winner! I'm green with envy haha!! Enjoy! xxx

  4. Hayley, I'm SO SORRY - i totally thought it was already a follower! I mustve not follwed the process all the way through, gosh my newbie status is getting me into trouble!!! It was completely accidental and ive rectified the situation immediately! i dont know how it happened as your is one of my fave blogs to read! sorry again! i promise to play by the rules for the next giveaway haha, i hope youre having a great day xxxx