Tuesday, 1 March 2011

100 Happy Things Part III

Here's my newest installment of my 'Happy Feature' Hope you enjoy it..

Summer's Day
Nothing nicer than waking up to a nice bright blue sky on a summers day always puts me in a really good mood knowing it nice and hot outside, think everyone is always much happier in the summer

One the best things about Summer is all the BBQs we have and go to, always have friends and family round for BBQ and plenty to drink have a good old laugh and theres always the odd game of rounders thrown in haha oh and the odd water fight love it!!

Long Walks Round The Park
Me and Nath love going for nice long stroll round our local park on a Sunday afternoon after nice Sunday Roast, nice and relaxing and good fun when we take our dog, a contest to see who ends up the muddiest in the winter .. Us or the dog haha

Cut Grass
Now you may all be thinking Whaaaat? But I love the smell of cut grass reminds me of the summer and always know Summer is coming when you can smell the cut grass and hear the Lawn Mowers going always puts a smile on my face

Log Fire
There's something so romantic about an open log fire on a winters day I really like it, all nice and cosey as well, a few years back we stayed in a cottage in the Cotsworlds which had the most amazing log fire and was lovely snuggling up in front of it in th evenings.

Ah one of my fave places in the whole world now i know that may seem extreme but it the truth, where im from is only 40mins away and when i was a kid we were always down Brighton going in the arcades, on the pier, getting those awful rock dummies to eat and then ya hair all getting stuck to them in the breeze, love everything about Brighton especially the Lanes they are incredible so many hidden gems down them.

Covent Garden
One of my fave places in London and go there everytime in London,soo many happy childhood memories are from being here with family having a day in Covent Garden watching the street performers then going for dinner to Tgi's or Browns, and around Christmas time there was this amazing homeware store where down in the basement made freash cookies and the smell hit you as soon as you walked down the street..Amazing!!

On a nice sunny day i love laying in the garden and just cloud watching ha sound like a nerd but it relaxes me and makes me :)

Ice Cream Van
A bit of a silly one but hey a childhood memory every sunday in the summer we would all be out playing in the garden and then you would hear the tune of the ice cream van and litreally every kid on your street would go running out, always makes me smile when hear it now

Nail Art
I love painting my nails, always have them painted and like to experiment with different designs, using my art pen, this picture is not my design tho lol I wish, I got this from weheartit.com, I find that once ya nails are done all nice it can really finish an outfit off nicely or if its a crappy day, paint ya colours a nice bright colour and will cheer you up.

So thats my installment down for this week! Hope you enjoyed it and are having a good week.


  1. Love this post! Amazing pictures. I love every single thing you have listed.

  2. Everything on this list makes me smile, especially Covent Garden, Brighton & a summer's day. :D

    Following. :) x

  3. Awwww I miss childhood :) those nails are so lovely btw.


  4. Love. Love. Love your blog. it's my new fave. I'm following, I hope you'll follow back.

  5. beautiful pics.xx


  6. I love the Pictures!