Wednesday, 30 March 2011

OOTD And Little Haul

So on friday I am going back down to kent ( where im from) to catch up with family and friends so can't wait have already booked a table at gorge seafood resturant for mothers day and got mum her presents yaay I love my Mum so much we have had our problems when I was a teenager but now really are such amazing friends and whilst shopping I found two amazing sheer blouses one is a peachy colour and then the other is a creamy/white one with short ruffled sleeves and the peachy one has long sleeves. Today I thought I would wear the creamy one to work and just chucked a pair of levi jeans on with it and got quite few compliments about it saying how nice it is.

Excuse the moody face and awful hair this was taken at 7am this morning and i am not a morning person lol.
After work I popped into Debenhams to pick up a new lipstick and after errming for ages I picked the beautiful Benefit 'Shy' and it is AMAZING the packaging is so bloody cute and the lipstick is so silky smooth and applys so easily and last wearing

Cute Little Card what came in the box with Lipstick

Benefit 'Shy'

And then i came home to dinner all cooked waiting for me thanks to Nathan and the gorgeus bunch of tulips as I love them and he always suprises me with lovely flowers such a lucky girl

And today I decided to go with Mystic Mauve for my Nails I love how shimmery this colour is I can't decide which i prefer this or champagne?

Do you own any Benefit lipsticks? Which are your faves? Been on any shopping sprees recently?
What are you doing for Mothers day?



  1. i really need mystic mauve and champagne, i think they're so gorgeous but am yet to invest in either!!! x

  2. Aw you should they are so lovely xx

  3. aw thank youu.. shes gorgeous!:)
    also love the lippie colour and the nails..!! NICE X

  4. I love that top...very cute!

  5. What a gorgeous top! You look lovely.