Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Can Never Have Too Much...

So right now I have been sorting out all my lipsticks and lip balms/scrubs etc and putting the ones I never use away in bottom storage draw and just basically keeping things in order some people may say it is OCD ish of me but I love storage and sometimes find even after being at work all day I will come home and rearrange my wardrobe or make up storage call me mad but i find it relaxing ... Ironing on the other no thank you that is a chore I can not stand.

So finally decided on the lipsticks I use the most at the min and they are

L-R Bourjois Rose Pomponne,Avon So Nude,Rimmel Heart Breaker,Rimmel Pink Bush.
Fave without doubt is the pink blush but for a night out at the min I'm going for a more vibrant pink like heart breaker.

In the cold my lips get so dry and can never slap too much lip balm on i especially love the urban outfitters saucy strawberry balm and Lush lip scrubs they really do help soften my lips and keep them healthy looking.

I am slightly obsesses with Models Own nail varnishes I have seven at the min and will be buying some more this week,I have never known a brand of polish to be so good I only need 2 coats normally and have an amazing vibrant colour on and hard wearing as well can go a week without a chip, and super fast drying, the ones I have at min are Magenta Pearl,BlooBoo,Coral Reef,Fuzzy Peach,Lemon Meringue,Grace Green,Juicy Jules. And i love them all the only moan i have is Juicy Jules takes forever to take off but I would still buy it again.

For me I can never have enough lipsticks or nail polishes,nude lips,nails,vibrant lips,nails etc can really complete an outfit in my eyes and nothing nicer than nicely kept nails.
What are your fave brands?

Having a good week so far everyone? xoxoxo


  1. Cute post, those lipsticks are such lovely colours!:) X

  2. I don't own any Models Own yet, I really want Juicy Jules and Fuzzy Peach though! x

  3. i love models own too! i wish they do the 50% sale agen tho as i missed it :-( love all the lippys tho! x x x

  4. ive heard nothing but great things about models own! but i have yet to try it! maybe cause i have to have it shipped over!

    but anyways i love the lipsticks youve been using! i wish i could pull off such fantastic colors!

  5. ohh i LOVE lush!!

  6. I really want to try some Model's Own nail polish.
    My favourite brands are probably Lush, MAC, Wet n' Wild and NARS...and so many more lol.

  7. what great colors! i love them!!

    <3 megan