Thursday, 3 March 2011

I'm Sorry But It Has To Be Said.......

Wow Wow Wow what a day I've had, It started of well with being named Employee of the month at work which was very happy about, and also Joining Laura's Fifty Fit Challenge which i have to say I am looking forward to. To then coming home from work to some not very nice DMs on twitter insulting me and saying 'Omg you only have 300 followers on your blog, if that was me I would delete my blog,' and then the next one ' They mst of looked at your face that's why' erm wtf? These messages were from a girl who has followed my blog for months now and always leaves a comment which says 'follow me' well sorry if you can't say Please then I wont follow you as i can not stand people with no manners, and at end of the day I didn't get into blogging tog et my followers count up- Now don't get me wrong i am so grateful and thankful to all of you who follow it still shocks me that 1 person would follow my blog let along the amount I have i find it amazing so thank you from bottom of my heart really makes me :).
But I started it because a- I love writing and reading, and b- I was bored one night so started it up and now i love doing and I think I have made some real good friends on here so I was quite shaken to get these DMs she has since blocked me on twitter and unfollowed my blog. But my point being I really don't get why people have to be so bloody nasty, I mean why are people all about the amount of followers you have etc? I find that quite sad really, Shouldn't you be doing the blog because it is something that makes you happy and you enjoy? And why bring my looks into it? I know i'm no oil painting and will never be some super skinny super model but at end of the day I'm fine with that, it's taken a while but finally i am happy with the way I am at end of day you gotta do the best you can do with what ya got eh? And why spend my life worrying about weight,looks etc when I could be out having a good time.

These DMs also bring me back to bullying recently i have seen so many people getting cyber bullied on twitter and it makes me feel sick to my stomach I mean how effin cowardly can people get to abuse others over the Internet? Real big eh! There is no need for it, if you ain't got nothing ice to say then keep ya mouths shut. As i have said in previous blogs I was bullied at school and know a few people who have been bullied and it is horrible and even more horrible to see people you love and care about get bullied.When will it stop?
I have no time in my life for people who go out of their way to make others miserable.

I'm sorry this post has been a rant but I had to get it off my back.
And if anyone has ever been bullied or ever needs anyone to talk to then I am always here for anyone.
Never want anyone to feel that there no one they can talk to



  1. Don't let this one person bring you down! Your blog is amazing and is the highlight of my evening :P
    Keep writing! <3

  2. This is crazy, some people are so nasty!!! Please don't delete your blog, she must be jealous of it! Grrrrrr, chin up. Don't change a thing xxx

  3. Oh my god, how terrible, those people are not worth a second of your time, ignore them and keep up with your great blog xx

  4. employee of the month! Wohoooo!! gongrat's!

  5. Maybe someone should explain to her that people follow you because they choose to, not because you go around leaving impersonal comments on people's pages inserting links and 'follow me'. What a silly little girl!

    It's beginning to annoy me that blogging, which I began much for the same reasons as yourself, is turning into a really bitchy, competitive and shallow community to be part of. I'm only glad there are many bloggers out there like yourself that are reminding why I loved it in the first place.


  6. aww im well sorry you had sum arseholes on twitter! gawd why they hava be so mean! i mean this is *your* blog you should write what you wanna write! and far as the 345 followers thats cos each n one of them loves your blog! and they want to read the more posts you too!

    jealous lil cow she is lol i bloady hope i ent followering her on my blog -.-

    end of the day sweetie u hav us 345 behide ya always x x x

  7. That is so terrible. I only have 73 followers and I am so happy about that I wonder what that person would say about me. :)You have a great blog keep it up


  8. This is so upsetting, it not only angers me shocks me when people are so cruel, it makes me wonder what on earth makes them think that this kind of behaviour is acceptable?! Don't let it get you down, youve clearly got 350 people who love your blog for each person who feels the need to brate you about it. And I'm with you, manners don't cost a thing. Chin up sweetheart, youre employee of the month now! Hope you are well. We are your Blogging Army.
    Emily x

  9. Woo! Employee of the month! Woop!
    No point wasting time on this low life, obviously very insecure and probably has 1 follower on her blog, herself!
    She's jealous of how popular you are! And how confident you are too :)
    izzy x

  10. What a bitter, horrible cow. I think these people should be named and shamed! Forget about her, congratulations on employee of the month!!xxx

  11. You have so many followers what is she talking about? i know is hard but try to forget it and keep doing what you like. Congratulations on the employee of the month:)

  12. Congrats on becoming Employee of the month! If I had 300 blogs I would be extremely pleased! It's so hard to get followers at all so that fact you have 300 is great and nothing to be ashamed of!

  13. Sorry to hear about the comments petal, but don't let them break you. I agree that bloggings not about having to have the hugest number of followers - just a place of self expression.

  14. Congrats on employee of the month! You should be so proud of that hun! :D

    & ignore anyone who doesn't say good things to you, they just aren't worth it. You're blog is lovely & so are you. :)

  15. Thank you everyone for all lovely/kind comments, Hate doing moaning posts but needed get it off me chest,Just glad 99.9% of the blogging world are lovely <3 xxxxx

  16. God this annoys me so much! Has she got nothing better to do than sit and type bitchy things for no reason...seriously what do people get out of saying awful things?

    I love your blog :) just focus on all the nice things people say, thats 300+ people who follow you because they like what you write, and one nasty person with nothing better to do


  17. What an idiot that person is! some serious jealousy and insecurity issues going on there. So what if you've got 3 followers or 300! Everyone starts with 0.

    I'm the same as you, I started blogging because I love reading other blogs, I love reading in general and I love writing. I thought i'd combine it all with my love for beauty stuff and voila, a blog was made! It's just been brilliant and an added bonus that along the way people have clicked the little follow button.

    Don't let idiots like that get you down. Keep blogging!

    Linsay x

  18. This is so sad! Some people are really pathetic! I hope I'm not following her either, abuse is uncalled for anyway let alone online! Who cares how many followers you've got? I've only got 4 haha! But I'm glad you're one of them :) You've got all these people behind you chick, don't let her get to you! Congratulations on employee of the month :)

    Katy xo.

  19. She was stupid for saying that. Who really care about how many followers u have. If your happy that all it matters. (I'm still sad I have only 1 follower but whatever, not the point lol)
    Congrats on your employee of the month

  20. be happy about the happy things... the rest doesn't matter... only miserable people say miserable things.

    you've got a great blog here - I'm following!

    would love you to enter my amazing giveaway:


  21. I'm sorry that this happened to you, people can be so unnecessarily spiteful to others.

    Love your blog and proud to be a follower xxxxx

  22. Ugh, and we thought we left that kind of unnecessary bitchiness was left behind in high school eh! I thoroughly hope she reads this and sees how many people feel the same as you about this... You have a lovely blog and seem to be such a nice person. And as for 300 followers? My gosh only in my wildest dreams would I hit that many! You should be proud of what you have achieved :o)
    Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. I can't believe someone would stoop that low!
    My blog only has 66 followers if it makes you feel better lol but like you said, I write because I enjoy it, not to get followers. And as for commenting on your appearance-is she a supermodel or something?! I'm certainly no oil painting either but I hope this nasty person realises people don't have to fit her idea of beauty to sign up for a blog account!
    I can't get my head around people being so sad as to spend time being bitchy to other people on the internet, especially when its much, much more fun to make friends! Sorry for long comment lol! From a follower x

  24. Don't let anything that awful girl said to you affect you at all. I just started following your blog so I don't know much about you yet, but I know that no one deserves such hate. You're right it's not about the followers, you should blog because you love it, not for others approval. :-)