Wednesday, 23 March 2011

☺ NOTD ~ Mint Chocolate

Wow I have not done a NOTD post in what feels like forever and my insomnia has kicked in so I thought I would do one of these, Recently I got GOSH Miss Mole and Miss Minty and I have to say i love love love them both the minty one is such a lovely summer colour i think and then the Mole is a chocolate brown and so nice and shiny and so easy to apply which for some1 like me who never has a steady hand is a god send

 Miss Minty I love that it is a nice cool blue/greeny colour

Was messing around earlier and used both Miss Minty and Miss Mole and straight away it just reminded me of Mint Choc Chip ☺ think they work well together

Miss Mole a nice shiny chocolate brown shade

What colour nail Varnishs are you liking at the min? Any one else suffer from insomina? Any tips on how to beat it be much appreciated!



  1. Ok so now I *need* mint choc Ice cream in my life oooh you bad influence! :o) Pretty colours xxx I hope you beat the insomnia soon poor lovely :o( xxxx

  2. Love miss minty and love the ring in the first pic! x

  3. hahah Sowwie Hannah lol and thanks lovely hope you are ok!
    Thank you Nat xoxox

  4. I like the colors of these nail polish... I'm using a similar textured one but in lavender and I also have one in faded pink..

  5. oooh they both sound really nice! dry so quick don't they! xo