Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Taking Time To

Kensington Palace

Just a Street sgn but thought the church and flowers looked pretty cool in the piccie

The Serpentine Hyde Park

Princess Diana Memorial water feaature in Hyde Park

The Round Pond Kensington Gardens

The Ibis where you cn put money in nd mke wish nd lso around it you cn buy the plques and leave memorials there for loved ones

So at the weekend me and Nath went to london for couple nights Sat- Sun and had the best time,  it's ncie to tke sometime way nd just chill out I think. we stayed in a beutiful hotel in Kensington, done lots of shopping on the saturday then went to Kensington Roof Gardens for dinner on the sat evening then sunday we got up nice and early walked round kensington gardens then went to hyde park which was lovely and good strt to the day only downside was we walked for about 3/4 hoursso got lovely blisters on my heels OUCH! had dinner out again and just had a lovely lovely chilled weekend and there a few pics i took over the weekendI didn't want to upload too many and bore you all with them!

How are you all? What you like doing/seeing when your in london? Have  nice weekend?



  1. You look like you had a wonderful weekend! Kensington is so beautiful. I always try to hit Oxford Street when I'm in London!

  2. Love Kensington such lovely area, Love Oxford Street as well the shops are amzing x

  3. Lovely post and such beautiful photos!!! :D


    - Jen xox

  4. Oooh it sounds like you had such a lovely time! Im hoping to take another trip to London at some point this year and catch a show and do some shopping. Lovely pics xx

  5. Why have I never explored these parts of London, they look so pretty!

  6. Thanks girls, Cherry you should can't beat a nice walk round hyde park on a sunny day!
    A show and shopping is always a must when in london as wellHope all is well Sam xoxo