Friday, 4 March 2011

Snap Snap... And A Few To Follow

Before I go any further I just want to say a huge heartfelt thank you to all the lovelies who messaged me on here yesterday after the 'Incident' really means a lot so thank you once again, always nice to know there are good hearted people.
So this post is gonna be a bit of 2 rolled in2 one of some piccies I've taken this week and also the 'Whole Lotta lovin' as just haven't got time today to do to different ones.

Was in back garden the other night and noticed how red/pink the sky was turning, had to run so fast to grab my camera, think it looks beautiful and as the saying goes 'Red sky at night Sheperd's delight' and the next day it was lovely! Spring/Summer is on it's way yaaaaaay

 Been taking some time out just to chill out and drink lots of coffee and start my new book which seems really good, already on chapter 9 .

And then on way to work today I stopped off to get some petrol and some magazines and in this months Cosmopolitan you get a free Miss Guided Lipgloss with a range of 3 different colours, I didn't want the clear one, so opted for the nude. There is also a vibrant red one. It seems quite nice and isn't as sticky as some glosses can be, I think I would just wear this during the day though to work.

And now for my

First up is the Lovely Hayley at
This girl is a complete sweetheart one of the first blogs I followed on here and I think will always be one of my faves, I have her link in my blog roll so as soon as a new post is up I can go read it, Never get bored of her posts and what makes it even better is that she is such a lovely lovely person! Oh and without a doubt Rihanna's #1 fan! :) xoxo
Then theres Sammie at
Sammie is so lovely and her posts always make me smile,love all the reviews she does on make up find them really really helpful, also has an amazing blog sale going as well. you should all go and follow her though I'm sure you won't be disappointed.xoxo
and last but not least is Gem at
Such a lovely girl and her posts are fab, not been following her for long but one of the faves I follow always look forward to Gem's next post. xoxo

Have a great weekend everyone
Lotsa Love


  1. Awww! thankyou girl for the mention! you sweetie <3

    and love the pic of the sky how gawjuusss!

    + im hoping your feeling better about what happened yesteerday, always good to get it off your chest and to notice how many peeps are there for ya. :)

    x x x

  2. More than welcome honey! And thank u hun really appreciate it xxxx

  3. I love the photos of the trees! And I'll definitely check those blogs out :P xxx

  4. Aw youve just made my day :) what nice things to say :) thankyou!!

    it was nice to see so many people giving a good response to your "incident"...inspires you to keep blogging and ignore the fools :)