Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Instead Of Judgemental Be Helpful

So today after work I was carrying a lot of stuff to my car and in our car park it backs on to a load of shops and there are sometimes a group of homeless people who take shelter I have never had any problem with them apart from tugging of my heart strings BUT i never give them money as they may spend it on alcohol etc but i always make sure i give them food instead I find it more helpful? Anyway I was stepping off the pavement and my foot kinda buckled underneath and before I know it i was falling arse over tits into a busy car park with cars coming and going then before I knew it this sweet homeless man had flown through the air and grabbed me to stop me from falling well i was so gratefuland couldn't thank him enough the next thing i know some young lad has come running down the road yelling at this guy ' oi you filthy tramp f**king get off her god knows what she will catch' he then said he was gonna phone the police as ASSUMED the homeless guy was attacking me it made me so MAD that just because someone is homeless he instantly thought he was mugging me.

After telling the lad what had happened and thankfully he apoligised to the homeless guy who I will name 'Frank'  I had a lovely chat with frank I won't go into details about what he told me as not my place but he told me why he was homeless and his circumstances and I must admit I did actually shed a tear or 20 i am such a cry baby and soft hearted person I always want to help everyone and I know I can't but still doesnt stop me from wanting to and i HATE people who walk round judging others i mean please SOD off who do they think they are walking around thinking they are better well they not end of the day does their sh*t smell of roses or soemthing?

Yes I know some people dont help themselves and put theirselves in situations where they will end up homeless and penniless but some people dont  decide to be homeless and can't help it sometimes things happen in their lives which they can not control it doesnt mean they are bad people just real bad luck and it hurts my heart that people can be so cruel and nasty I obviously know their are homeless people who have put theirselfs in that place and obviously that is down to them.

I just don't think it is right to judge people just becasue they are homeless, who are we to judge without knowing the situation? I defintly now will help homeless people more often anyway I can from working in soup kitchen on some saturdays etc .

What are your views?



  1. aw what a lovely post! it is a shame that people judge others by there looks. i hope *Frank* is okie. it does also pull on my heart strings but i wouldnt no or where to go and help people around my area :( and good for you telling the lad what happened:) hope it showed him up xxx

  2. Thanks honey, yeah he did look rather shameful after and so he should! Doesnt seem right that people are judged on looks does it? yeah *frank* is fine such a sweet man as well xxxx

  3. I hate not being able to give more to homeless people, I always worry that they may spend on things that won't be helping them and often I don't carry change. On the underground as I'm usually out I do ahve change and send it all their way. I'm really sorry to hear that that stupid idiot started shouting at "Frank". It's terrible. Often I want to speak with homeless people, but I don't know what to say or do, or how I can help besides financially.

    Thank you for a very insightful post and I'm glad you've shared this xx

  4. Lovely post hun. Obviously, there are some homeless people that have drunk themselves into debt and lost everything. But there are so many others that may have lost family members and ended up with nothing etc. We have no idea about the past of any people, not just homeless, so we really shouldn't judge. My favourite quote is 'Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle' Kinda makes you think. :)


  5. I always give the homeless money if I have some on me. While I know alot of people feel that its not a good thing to do because they might buy alcohol, I don't think of that. Once the money leaves your hands, its not your responsibility anymore. You have your good karma because you helped someone in need and the rest is up to them. I wouldn't want someone to assume I would just spend money on alcohol and so I don't assume anything about them.
    Thats just my view. Great post.

  6. Aw Jess i LOVE that quote so amazing.
    And yeah I get where ya coming from about it upto them to do what they want with the money, and 50% the time i will give them any loose change I have but then sometimes see them drunk and just kinda think 'please eat' something so always make sure give them some food or a hot drink.
    And thank you everyone for ya comments :) xoxoxo

  7. I wrote a post about homeless people a long time ago, you should check it out.

    I think its great that you don't judge homeless people & you give them food. A lot of people snub them because they think they are creepers. But they are humans just like us. I try to always give them change if I don't have food. I live in a city with an overwhelming amount of homeless people & it's really hard driving around downtown seeing them hungry & cold. :(

  8. I will go check your post out now Poppy, I know it so sad to think people think ' oh they homeless so must be nasty evil people' when ya know most of them the situation is taken out of their hands, We have so many people homeless in manchester and really makes me sad when i see them so always try to help,even worse when it so cold and snowing etc I kepp thinking how are they going to keep warm etc xx