Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Day After The Night Before......

So as you will know today me Laura,Karla and Charlotte today have started our Fifty Fit Challenge you can read about it here. So last night my last night before the Fifty Fit I thought well i will indulge a little bit *cough cough* Got home from work and Nathan had made a lovely chicken Madras so yummy and had 3 glasses of wine okay you will say not too bad BUT then Miss Piggy here decided that whilst we were watching a film I would have jelly babies and before i knew it the bag was empty :/ now do NOT judge me as I am now doing Fifty days of healthy eating and exercising but I Kidd you not this morning I woke up feeling so sick. But my first day of FF went really well I have drank 2 litres of water, for my lunch I had Cous cous salad and for dinner Sea bass and veg also after work i went swimming and done 20 laps so *pat on the back* I must admit though i love swimming a complete water baby, Think during this challenge Im gonna go to spin classes as well. And i Know we only on day 1 but think I'm gonna be OK at it i LOVE the fact I have three other Lovely ladies doing it with me as well so can all support each other.

How is everyone? Is it me or is this year already going so bloody fast? I remember as a kid going so slow and Christmas seemed forever away and now before we know it, be Christmas again! Hope you are al having a good week, Can't believe it Friday tomorrow wooop woooop, So this week has mainly been taken up with work, being a Pig and starting the FF challenge, also been watching quite few films with Nathan we watched Shutter Island at weekend which btw is amazing, then Saw 3D i know some people don't like those films but we seen everyone of them, and then last night Due Date which so bloody funny i cried with laughter.Have you seen any good films recently? Recommend any?

Also I am obsessed with my Avon eyeliner gel super shock one I have never had an eyeliner which is so easy to apply, Highly recommend it. Any of you girls tried it?
Also got a rimmel liquid liner as thought would try it out and it's okaay but I don't think I would rush to buy it again.

 The Rimmel Liquid Liner, nice think nip but very flimsy

 Some of my bracelets been wearing this week

From Primark and Miss Selfridge, also I have a Strawberry rash a kind of birth mark which should of gone soon after I was born but nearly 30 years on it still rears its head in the cold weather. Odd eh?

From Urban Outfitters and Miss Selfridge again

So that's my week so far, what have you all been upto? What exercising do you do or gym classes? Seen any good films recently?



  1. Cute post, I love all of the Keep Calm and Carry On products.

  2. this is a great post! such a cute blog by the way :)


  3. i am number four int he cinema and no strings attached.. brilliant films, if your looking for a a dvd film, i would recommend brothers..!

  4. Thanks girls, Aw cheers Ana seen trailer for I am Number Four and looks fantastic will defo go see that xox

  5. I love these. So cute. Thanks for sharing, love. Don't forget to check out my new post.

  6. I just watched a movie called "Catfish" its really good (don't read about it before you watch it, because it will completely ruin the film if you do). Also, "Life As We Know It" was pretty good.

    Good Luck on your Fifty Fit. I love spinning & kickboxing :-)

  7. Aw thank u, I might take up Kick boxing. Been meaning to watch Life As we know it looks good xxx

  8. if youve not seen True Grit yet you totally should!! I'm doing the fifty fit too, aswell as being on weight watchers AND giving up chocolate for lent! i better be slimmer by the end of this haha! i think ill post tomorrow about how im getting started :D one of the great things about eating healthily is cous cous and fish in my opinion! love them both! keep it up! :D

  9. Aw deffo wanna see true grit I ove Jeff bridges amaazing actor! love fish and cous cous as well! Aw well done you, keep it up xxxx

  10. Totally agreed- this year is flying over far too quickly. Loving the bracelets too- so cute xxx