Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Happy Birthday To An Amazing Lady

Today would of been my Nan's 80th Birthday, she sadly passed away In November 2007 she had been ill for a while with dementia was heartbreaking seeing her go so down hill to the point where she didnt
know who we were was hardest on my Mum and aunts seeing there Mum not know who they were.
But there was one thing she was certain of she was never ever going in a home, so My Mum and three aunts took it in turns of having her stay with them and every sunday no matter what was going on in all our lives all us grand children all 6 of us and aunts,uncles would all get together for sunday breakfast with Nan and it was lovely.

My Nan was the most amazing lady so beautiful inside and out, so of my happiest memories are times I spent with her, My grandad died when I was 2 so I don't really remeber him but Nan used to tell the most amazing stories of him and the antics he would get upto with my dad and uncles very funny. Some of my earliest memories are helping Nan do the gardening and then playing with the football we had a game where bounce the ball twice and the lift ya leg up and over it and one day Nan come out with ' 1 2 and a penny for the tart' still makes me laugh now.She had such good strong family values and every boxing day was always down at Nans where the whoel family would gather and have quality family time and so many happy times

She had a wicked sense of humour and would always wind us up even when dementia had set in she would always say ' I may not know who you are but i'm not bloody deaf' :-) when people would talk to her in a raised voice, she made a mean Bacon Pud and even now if I see it on the menu anywhere I have it just for her.And the same with horse racing she loved a little bet just 50p each way always on a horse with the number 6 her lucky number so now every year come the Grand National we all put a 50p bet on the number 6 horse for her. And tulips were her fave flowers so hence the picture at the top.

I don't really know why I have rambled on so much I suppose this blog is my outlet to put my feelings down for my Nan and because she was so amazing I hope when i'm older i can be half the Lady she was.

Happy Birthday Nanny I think about you all the time! Hope you have an amazing birthday with Grandad. You may be gone but never forgotten!

Thank you for being the  best Nan in the world and a true inspiration

I love you so much always

'1,2 and a penny for the tart'


  1. Last week was my grandad's 78th birthday, I love him so much :)

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    Charlene xxxx
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  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely Nan! :] I never knew my grandma..So I love hearing stories about others grandamas! :]

  3. Aww, this is sweet. I love all the little traditions grandparents have!
    I love that pic btw :)

  4. Aww, this was such a touching post to read :) She sounds like an amazing Nan.
    I'm a new follower of yours.

  5. I dont think that was rambling at all. That was a lovely post, I love that your family stuck by her instead of putting her in a home. Sounds like you have an amazing family :-)

  6. Thank you everyone for lovely comments means a lot,xx And thank you Poppy xoxo