Sunday, 6 March 2011

This Is More Like It .....

Woke up this morning to bright sunshine bursting through the windows didn't get too excited at first as thought oh here we go again Mr Sunshine you being mean again and teasing us by being all nice and sunny yet freezing cold but NOPE was lovely and warm and has been all day long. So today we went for nice walk into the village and had a cooked breakfast which was sooo nice and got a few bits and bobs, I needed a new foundation and blusher etc and Nath needed get paint as we re decorating the front room.
Then came home to sit in the garden drinking Pear cider and reading my book which turned out to be a lovely afternoon, can't remember last time could actually sit in the garden for longer than half an hour.

What I woke upto this morning not a cloud in sight..... just the way I like it

Needed a new everyday Blusher so I got Rimmel Pink Rose and it really nice soft pink.

Drinking Bulmers pear cider in the garden, love summer days when go and sit the the pub garden and have few drinks :)

This foundation I have used before and will keep using it,mainly because it feels sooo light on my skin and so easy to apply, I sometimes find liquid foundation can make my skin feel dry afterwards but not this one, and the lipstick is actually a lot darker than it seems in this picture its HeartBreaker and a deep red

And i love this picture took this about 6pm this evening of the evening sun, love the way its shinging through the trees,

Have you had a good weekend? Nice weather where you are?
Oh as you know we watched Shutter Island last night and oh my god LOVED it one of the best films we have seen in a long time. Have you seen it? Thoughts?



  1. Cute photos, and the weather today has been lovely for me! :)X

  2. I love this post! I can't believe how warm it was today, it started to feel a little bit like Summer =]

    I love the rimmel foundation - i need to go get a new one xx

  3. summer and sunny days always puts a smile on my face, puts everyone in a better mood as well doesnt it? I love rimmel foundations cant fault them. xx

  4. Oooooh gorgeous photos, what a beautiful day x

  5. Ah Bulmers :-) Strawberry Brothers is another summer pub garden fav of mine xx

  6. Ahh I could drink Bulmers, could drink it all day everyday!
    Love the colour of the lipstick!

  7. Such a lovely sunny day, can't wait for summer! xx

  8. Gorgeous pictures, and mmm, pear cider!

  9. holy cow you are so lucky! here in dc it is rain, rain, rain all dayy :(

  10. Very nice pics of a lovely day I've heard good reviews on that blush! YES loved loved loved shutter island it was such an intense thriller I never would have guessed he was the crazy one I was so rooting for him but overall very good movie one of my faves such a good one ...

  11. I love sunny weather! It's gorgeous today as well, feels like summer!!

    Now I want to be in a beer garden with a nice cold Magners!


  12. Such a nice day here too, wish I hadn't forgotten my sunglasses though! I can't wait for summer when I can go sunbathing in my garden :)

  13. such a lovely day! i love summery days, when you can relax in the garden! :)

    love your blush from Rimmel, i'll def have to get myself one!

  14. thank oyu, and yes i love the braclet! SNAP back at ya! :) X