Sunday, 20 March 2011

Too Many Occasions Not Enough Dresses Help!

So as you may of read in previous posts this year is a busy year with Important occasions got my amazing Nathan's 30TH in May where a group of us are off to dublin for 4 nights but before got a huge meal with his and mine family, then we have our holiday in June and friends wedding in july, then got my Dad's 60th in September and our other friends wedding in August so need outfits and have been looking online and narrowed search down to nine dresses BUT now I need your help as I can not pick which ones to get I'm thinking I need 5 or 6 but if i Had it my way I would have the whole 9 lol so please be darlings and give me your opinions

Now the first one I am loving for Dad's 60th and the end one for one of the weddings as very elegant and simple, but I adore the middle one as well, what do you think?

Now here the end one with black silk belt I was thinking of getting that one for Naths birthday meal with all the family, and the middle one take on holiday. The first one with the sheer arms im 50/50 on what do you think?

Or I love the black one for Nath birthday meal but then i like te other 2 OH MY GOD please some1 help it so hard having to choose

Which ones do you prefer? Opinions needed pleaseeee


  1. i have the third dress (top row) and it is absolutely GORGEOUS on - so flattering...

  2. thanks I do love that one and does look flattering

  3. My favorite is the orange one, in the center of the last row x

  4. If you wanna pick 6, i'd choose:

    Number 1 on the top row for your Dads 60th.
    Number 2 on the top row for one of the weddings.
    Number 3 on the second row OR Number 1 on the third row for the meal.
    Number 3 on the first row AND Number 2 on the middle row for holiday :)
    I also like the last one on the third row, even for the other wedding in August.

    This isnt much help, i've pretty much picked them all haha. Very good choices :)

    Linsay xx

  5. Ok my favourite 6 in order are : 3,6,5,1,7 & 8
    Number 3 is beautiful and you could wear it to a few of your events xx

  6. wow thanks Linsay much appreciated! and thanks every1 else, seems every1 is liking the ones i seem to prefer as well xxxx

  7. Okay the middle red one is amazing. I agree with all your other picks, but that one is just BAMM! gorgeous. On your skin tone, it would look so glamorous.

    xo Sarah Elizabeth

  8. I didn't know where else to write this, but thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, and thank you for following. It means so much to me.
    In regards to this post, I've never been a dress person as I don't feel that I can pull them off, but in saying that these dresses are just amazing. I love the pale pink one (I think that's the colour, the third one along on the bottom row) I love the large ruffle detail. I think it's stunning.

  9. i like the 3rd one on the top row!!! its a dress you could have for a long time!


  10. love the sheer arms on the middle left dress
    nice selection though theyre all sweet

  11. firstly,WOAHH,that's a whole lotta events u got coming up!
    secondly i would go with the nude sleeveless dress in the third picture,the belted white one in the 6th picture and the two one shoulder lovelies in the last picture!