Saturday, 26 March 2011

TAG - MostReached For Beauty & Make up Items

Recently I have seen a lot of these tags on You Tube so thought I would do one on here and i tag anyone who wants to do it. Here are a few of my most reached for beauty and make up items

Skin and Hair Care

I absolutely LOVE Garnier products I swear by them I especially love the Summer Body Moisturising Lotion as builds up a nice even sun kissed glow to the skin, and have got the intensive 7 days and am already nearly through the whole bottle amazing stuff. Also the Garnier Anti-Crenes eye roller is incredible when my eyes are feeling tired and gritty i roll this underneath them and instantly makes my eyes look more awake. And then  everyone loves nice shiny hair hence why i love this Charles Worthington  salon finish gloss spray.

This Rimmel blush is so pretty and lovely gives a really nice flushed look to my cheeks,also has a nice sparkle to it and so easy to apply this is the second one i have bought and will defo go back for more.

For my eyes I'm pretty lucky in the sense got quite long eye lashes but can never have enough volume that's why I love volume flash so easy to apply,never ever clumps and really gives such good volume to your lashes it's the one mascara i always buy, and i love smoky eyes so this is one of my favorite eye shadows- Bourjois 'Gris Delicat' it a deep silver colour with a lot of glitter in it and it just so smooth and creasless i love it.
Then last month i got the Maybelline  Lasting drama eyeliner it's a little pot and comes with a brush and at first i thought it was going to be too dark but it just right and literally just glides across my upper eyelid love it.

These lipsticks l-r are Heartbreaker,Sweetie, Pink Blush and pink blush is my everyday lipstick at the min especially when it a nice sunny day i love it, and on a night out most recently I have been using sweetie which is a vibrant red which i used to be scared to wear but now i love it the sweetie one is the middle one on the swatches piccie.

OMG this foundation is incredible it is so light it doesn't make my skin feel clogged like some foundations have in the past and it the most perfect match for my skin tone. And then Nail polishsI am obsessed with Models Own but i thought this week try some new ones out so I got Rimmel Sky High which is an amazing colour for the spring/summer and Miss Mole from GOSH which reminds me of chocolate milkshake ha ha and i love them both the Miss Mole is going to be everyday colour and looks really elegant on such a nice shine to it. Both of them dry really quickly.

So there you have it there are my most reached for beauty and make up items. i TAG you all and if you do them leave a link in my comments box so i can see please.

Have  a fabulous weekend everyone.


  1. i like garnier too, their products are always fresh and smell so good

  2. Great tag! I am a big fan of garnier skincare too, and that blush looks gorgeous! Xx

  3. Sky high is my favorite nail polish of all time:)
    and I love Charles Worthington hair products!x

  4. I have the Rimmel blush but I hardly use it even though it is a beautiful colour, I need to use it more :) x

  5. Great post, I really need to try Garniers products!

  6. I'm in LOVE with the Scrublet, but I couldn't care less for the L'Oréal cleanser LOL. The lipsticks look pretty!

  7. The scrublet is amazing i love it