Friday, 11 March 2011

London Baby

So this evening I have been going through all me pictures on my camera and found loads of when me and Nathan went to London for our Anniversary in June last year, love London so much and I used to work in London in my late teens as I'm from Kent but now live in Manchester with Nath so I can say I know London pretty damn well but will never ever get bored of the city, So for our anniversary Nath surprised me and booked a weekend away at the 5 star Kensington Hotel in South Kensington which was out of this world, the room was huge had a king size bed and then a double bed as well and what was even nicer on our last day Mum came and spent the day with us in Hyde Park and then went to Gilgamesh for dinner, such a wonderful restaurant in Camden, all in all an amazing weekend, and here's some pictures, I had only just got my camera so had played around with it and had it on a boost setting.

Our Hotel, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park

Nathan,Me and my Mummy, Leading upto Royal Albert Hall

Two of the lounges in hotel, Milkshake in Harrods

Cute cakes in Harrods,Room Service,Harrods

Camden,Gilgamesh Restaurant,Princess Diana memorial in Hyde Park

Part of our room,Royal Albert Hall,Kensington Gardens

This sign made us giggle in the toy shop in Harrods, can u imagine some1 dangling from it? Gorgeous shoes Nath treated me to, Nail art design.

So theres a few pictures I thought I would put up,what your fave things to do whilst in London? 

Have a good weekend.



  1. Cute post, I love London and those shoes omg! :) X

  2. The blisters are well worth it ha, thanks huni xx

  3. Oh my, lucky girl! Very jealous.

  4. Hot shoes!! Beautiful pics, I'd love to go to London, luckily some day I'll get there :)