Sunday, 13 March 2011

Where Will We End Up......

So this morning we woke upto bright sunny day and real warm as well, So over breakfast  Nathan and myself were deciding on what to do for the day so my amazing other half came up with a brillent plan we wrote all the alphabet letters down on bits of paper and put them in the hat and each had to pick one out without looking of course so the letter I choose was B and Nath got Z so we both thought oh my gosh were do we got with those letters and then clicked Blackpool Zoo :) So in the car we hopped, and have just got back now had such an amazing day, went to the zoo had a pub lunch, then of course you can't go to  Blackpool without going on the beach and having a paddle, then we went and had an ice cream and some cockles and just some nice quality 'us' time which has been much needed as both been so busy with work and been such lovely day, days like this remind me of why I love Nathan he is without doubt the funniest silliest person i know he makes me laugh and I mean reall belly laugh every single day and we've been together 5 and a half years now so to still make each other proper belly laugh after that long is good going i think, Before I put pictures up I will apoligise for the sizes some are coming out wide and some are coming out thing my camera must be on it's period or something ha!

The view just as we were leaving Blackpool, stunning

The fields at the back of our house, amazing how beautiful everything looks on a nice sunny day

Now these ones turn a diff shape Apologies... One of my favourite animals Giraffes so beautiful

So funny walking through the Amazon enclousure at the zoo all the Monkeys come right upto you and try jump in ya bags, and told to be real quiet which was hard for us as laughing so much but look how cute this little fella is I had to be so fast in taking the picture before he shot off again

the little show off

There loads more pictures I took but don't wanna bore you with them, If want me do another post then just let me know.

How is your weekend going? Been upto anything?



  1. Aww such a sweet blog! It's great honest. Looks like you had a great day, there's a song I like which says 'your gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow'

  2. Aw, it looks like you had a lovely day :)

  3. great photos, i love the giraffes and monkeys, so cute.

  4. That is a great idea to put letters in a hat to decide what to do, I love that!