Thursday, 31 March 2011

Monthly Favourites

Woah March has flown by I don't know if it is only me but seems like it was only the 1st March yesterday and now here we are coming into April already! Yay to the lighter nights now though as nothing worse than going out when it pitch black at like 7pm always nicer when lighter plus you know Spring and Summer are coming!! So as I won't be blogging from tomorrow till 10th April as going back down Kent to catch up with my family and friends I will do a couple of blogs today starting with some of my faves for March

 EcoTools make up Brushes- Now I only came across these when I was in London and thought would give them a try and OMG I love them, the bristles are so soft kind of like velvet I found myself sitting in the front room the other day just stroking it up and down my face like some div! But they apply the make up so well and are so easy to clean, I got the Deluxe conceler brush,Angled eyeliner brush and the eyeshadow one to start with.

Models Own - These are some of the new ones I blogged about and I have been wearing these ones the most i adore Champagne and Mystic Mauve, but for more summer look i love the Golden Peach, and you just can't go wrong with Purple Ash love them

 Rimmel London- Needed some new eyeshadows and seen lots of good reviews about Rimmel London so gave these two a go I got Precious Rose, and Smokey Quartz and love the smoky quartz for a nice shimmery finish to a smokey eye look will defo buy these again.

Garnier- Know i blogged about these recently so I wont waffle on too much but they just had to be in my March Faves and are a must have for any one who loves a good moisturiser and self tan one as well.

Books- I am such a book worm and love nothing more than a good read, Recently have bough sooo many books and then at the weekend I bought this The Last Letter From Your Lover by JoJo Moyes have never heard of her before, have you? But seems quite good! And then Sister I finished reading back in Feb but it is such a good book a MUST read I could not put it down, and other books i bought this month include 'Stolen,Forgotten'- both by Susan Lewis, oh and chasing dreams bu Susan Lewis,the woman he loved before by Dorothy Koomson, and Vanishing Act by Jodi Picoult.

What are your monthly faves for march? Any new products have tried out? Any good books you have read?


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

OOTD And Little Haul

So on friday I am going back down to kent ( where im from) to catch up with family and friends so can't wait have already booked a table at gorge seafood resturant for mothers day and got mum her presents yaay I love my Mum so much we have had our problems when I was a teenager but now really are such amazing friends and whilst shopping I found two amazing sheer blouses one is a peachy colour and then the other is a creamy/white one with short ruffled sleeves and the peachy one has long sleeves. Today I thought I would wear the creamy one to work and just chucked a pair of levi jeans on with it and got quite few compliments about it saying how nice it is.

Excuse the moody face and awful hair this was taken at 7am this morning and i am not a morning person lol.
After work I popped into Debenhams to pick up a new lipstick and after errming for ages I picked the beautiful Benefit 'Shy' and it is AMAZING the packaging is so bloody cute and the lipstick is so silky smooth and applys so easily and last wearing

Cute Little Card what came in the box with Lipstick

Benefit 'Shy'

And then i came home to dinner all cooked waiting for me thanks to Nathan and the gorgeus bunch of tulips as I love them and he always suprises me with lovely flowers such a lucky girl

And today I decided to go with Mystic Mauve for my Nails I love how shimmery this colour is I can't decide which i prefer this or champagne?

Do you own any Benefit lipsticks? Which are your faves? Been on any shopping sprees recently?
What are you doing for Mothers day?


Tuesday, 29 March 2011


So I have a slight obsession with Models Own Nail Varnishs and building up quite a collection now, I now have 28 of them not nearly as much as the lovely sarah at i'm not sure which she loves more dresses or models own, go check her lovely blog out though and have a look! Also whilst ya there check out her other blog which she has created with 4 other bloggers about dieting,healthy eating etc!

Anyway this weekend when was away I had decided I would NOT go into boots as i knew what would happen anyway my willpower didn't kick in and i popped into Boots and came out with 8 new nail varnishs I got Fuzzy Peach,utopia,Snow White,Purple Ash,Champagne,Mystic Mauve,Jade Stone,Red n Black,

L-R -Utopia,Mystic Mauve,Champagne,Jade Stone,Fuzzy Peach,Purple Ash,Red n Black, Snow White

L-R Utopia,Jade Stone,Fuzzy Peach,Purple Ash,Red n Black,Mystic Mauve,Champagne and Snow white
Had some spare false nails left so thought would show you all little samples excuse the mess of fuzzy peach was a rush job

I love all of these new ones especially the red n black got such a gorgeus hint of red in it i love it, and the Champagne is a beautiful colour I cant wait to try them all out at the min I am wearing Jade Stone and the first one I wore when got them all was Champagne as had heard so many good reviews about it.

What kind of Nail varnishs do you like? Have you tried any of these Models Own ones or different ones?
Any ones you recomend?


Taking Time To

Kensington Palace

Just a Street sgn but thought the church and flowers looked pretty cool in the piccie

The Serpentine Hyde Park

Princess Diana Memorial water feaature in Hyde Park

The Round Pond Kensington Gardens

The Ibis where you cn put money in nd mke wish nd lso around it you cn buy the plques and leave memorials there for loved ones

So at the weekend me and Nath went to london for couple nights Sat- Sun and had the best time,  it's ncie to tke sometime way nd just chill out I think. we stayed in a beutiful hotel in Kensington, done lots of shopping on the saturday then went to Kensington Roof Gardens for dinner on the sat evening then sunday we got up nice and early walked round kensington gardens then went to hyde park which was lovely and good strt to the day only downside was we walked for about 3/4 hoursso got lovely blisters on my heels OUCH! had dinner out again and just had a lovely lovely chilled weekend and there a few pics i took over the weekendI didn't want to upload too many and bore you all with them!

How are you all? What you like doing/seeing when your in london? Have  nice weekend?


Saturday, 26 March 2011

TAG - MostReached For Beauty & Make up Items

Recently I have seen a lot of these tags on You Tube so thought I would do one on here and i tag anyone who wants to do it. Here are a few of my most reached for beauty and make up items

Skin and Hair Care

I absolutely LOVE Garnier products I swear by them I especially love the Summer Body Moisturising Lotion as builds up a nice even sun kissed glow to the skin, and have got the intensive 7 days and am already nearly through the whole bottle amazing stuff. Also the Garnier Anti-Crenes eye roller is incredible when my eyes are feeling tired and gritty i roll this underneath them and instantly makes my eyes look more awake. And then  everyone loves nice shiny hair hence why i love this Charles Worthington  salon finish gloss spray.

This Rimmel blush is so pretty and lovely gives a really nice flushed look to my cheeks,also has a nice sparkle to it and so easy to apply this is the second one i have bought and will defo go back for more.

For my eyes I'm pretty lucky in the sense got quite long eye lashes but can never have enough volume that's why I love volume flash so easy to apply,never ever clumps and really gives such good volume to your lashes it's the one mascara i always buy, and i love smoky eyes so this is one of my favorite eye shadows- Bourjois 'Gris Delicat' it a deep silver colour with a lot of glitter in it and it just so smooth and creasless i love it.
Then last month i got the Maybelline  Lasting drama eyeliner it's a little pot and comes with a brush and at first i thought it was going to be too dark but it just right and literally just glides across my upper eyelid love it.

These lipsticks l-r are Heartbreaker,Sweetie, Pink Blush and pink blush is my everyday lipstick at the min especially when it a nice sunny day i love it, and on a night out most recently I have been using sweetie which is a vibrant red which i used to be scared to wear but now i love it the sweetie one is the middle one on the swatches piccie.

OMG this foundation is incredible it is so light it doesn't make my skin feel clogged like some foundations have in the past and it the most perfect match for my skin tone. And then Nail polishsI am obsessed with Models Own but i thought this week try some new ones out so I got Rimmel Sky High which is an amazing colour for the spring/summer and Miss Mole from GOSH which reminds me of chocolate milkshake ha ha and i love them both the Miss Mole is going to be everyday colour and looks really elegant on such a nice shine to it. Both of them dry really quickly.

So there you have it there are my most reached for beauty and make up items. i TAG you all and if you do them leave a link in my comments box so i can see please.

Have  a fabulous weekend everyone.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday Feeling

Three cheers for the weekend being here! This week has been an odd week as had a few days off and now it doesn't seem like friday at all, this week has been mainly sorting the garden out de potting and re potting pots mowning the lawn,shopping, and chilling in the garden reading my book whilst drinking beer and cider I LOVE sunny days ツ. Then today went to garden centre to get some new pots and some barking and pebbles to putround edges on our patio area then done a bit of a shop nothing excited BUT i am in love with these cute salt and pepper mills I got they look like rabbits then squeeze the ears and grinds it all up! Love them.

One of the pots i got from garden centre, and the barking and the pebbles

 Wanted a nice summer colour so used Barry M and love this colour

Diet is well and truely out the window at the min lol! O well it is the weekend after all

Meet my new salt and pepper mills how cute are they? lol

And then as this week has been such lovely weather has really got me thinking about our holiday this year so i thought i would share with you a few pictures from our holiday last year

Was one of the best holidays ever just me and Nathan,hot weather,cocktails and golden beaches pure bliss ツ.

I won't be blogging now till monday evening as got a busy weekend with Nath and he taking me away tomorrow night it a suprise where though. Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you do ツ

** Few to follow **

Thursday, 24 March 2011

When The Sun Shines ...

☺ I love wearing my salmon coloured blouse from Dorothy Perkins so nice and cool and litreally goes with everything.

♥ Had 2 days off this week and spent a lot of time in the garden i LOVE gardening so relaxing and take such pride in doing our garden, makes me so happy when see new flowers bloom

☺ Having lots of baths Spend up to an hour in the bath just laying there and relaxing till I'm all prune like haha

♥ Made us stuffed mushrooms which were if I say so myself Delicious ;) I made a tomato,onion,pepper,chilli mix and filled the mushrooms then added breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese on then 20 mins baking in oven and they were done

☺ I moisturise religiously every single day and you can not beat Garnier intensive 7 day and I have also been using the Garnier Summer Body with apricot extracts and slowly builds up a slight sun kissed tan

♥  And being the book worm I am, I finished my Jodi Picoult 'Vanishing Acts' and now I have just started 'Forgotten' by Susan Lewis she is an amazing author. Any of you read good books recently? any to recomend?

I have also been watching a lot of Jenna Marbles videos on you tube they are hysterical she is a legend you can watch there HERE i swear you will laugh so much.

How is your week going? what have you all been upto?


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Instead Of Judgemental Be Helpful

So today after work I was carrying a lot of stuff to my car and in our car park it backs on to a load of shops and there are sometimes a group of homeless people who take shelter I have never had any problem with them apart from tugging of my heart strings BUT i never give them money as they may spend it on alcohol etc but i always make sure i give them food instead I find it more helpful? Anyway I was stepping off the pavement and my foot kinda buckled underneath and before I know it i was falling arse over tits into a busy car park with cars coming and going then before I knew it this sweet homeless man had flown through the air and grabbed me to stop me from falling well i was so gratefuland couldn't thank him enough the next thing i know some young lad has come running down the road yelling at this guy ' oi you filthy tramp f**king get off her god knows what she will catch' he then said he was gonna phone the police as ASSUMED the homeless guy was attacking me it made me so MAD that just because someone is homeless he instantly thought he was mugging me.

After telling the lad what had happened and thankfully he apoligised to the homeless guy who I will name 'Frank'  I had a lovely chat with frank I won't go into details about what he told me as not my place but he told me why he was homeless and his circumstances and I must admit I did actually shed a tear or 20 i am such a cry baby and soft hearted person I always want to help everyone and I know I can't but still doesnt stop me from wanting to and i HATE people who walk round judging others i mean please SOD off who do they think they are walking around thinking they are better well they not end of the day does their sh*t smell of roses or soemthing?

Yes I know some people dont help themselves and put theirselves in situations where they will end up homeless and penniless but some people dont  decide to be homeless and can't help it sometimes things happen in their lives which they can not control it doesnt mean they are bad people just real bad luck and it hurts my heart that people can be so cruel and nasty I obviously know their are homeless people who have put theirselfs in that place and obviously that is down to them.

I just don't think it is right to judge people just becasue they are homeless, who are we to judge without knowing the situation? I defintly now will help homeless people more often anyway I can from working in soup kitchen on some saturdays etc .

What are your views?


☺ NOTD ~ Mint Chocolate

Wow I have not done a NOTD post in what feels like forever and my insomnia has kicked in so I thought I would do one of these, Recently I got GOSH Miss Mole and Miss Minty and I have to say i love love love them both the minty one is such a lovely summer colour i think and then the Mole is a chocolate brown and so nice and shiny and so easy to apply which for some1 like me who never has a steady hand is a god send

 Miss Minty I love that it is a nice cool blue/greeny colour

Was messing around earlier and used both Miss Minty and Miss Mole and straight away it just reminded me of Mint Choc Chip ☺ think they work well together

Miss Mole a nice shiny chocolate brown shade

What colour nail Varnishs are you liking at the min? Any one else suffer from insomina? Any tips on how to beat it be much appreciated!


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Blooming Flowers & Shopping Trips

☼ Sun shining,warm day, day off work and flowers blooming - pretty damn perfect in my eyes ☺
So thought I would get a little snap happy and snap some Daffodils and Snap Dragons which are blooming in our garden and so beautiful

Also popped into our town centre to get a few bits and bobs first of I got two Gosh varnishs in Miss Minty and Miss Mole and both gorgeous colours I am wearing the Miss Minty now as a nice fresh summer colour to wear, then I got Maybelline new Lasting Drama Eye liner,some Garnier face wipes, couple of bracelets and necklace from Dorothy Perkins the Ribbon And Asher section, and Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint.

So there we have it! Sorry for excessive photos I get a tad carried away! How is your week going? Enjoying this lovely weather? I'm also tinking of doing a feature where have a guest post from another blogger once a week or something? If any of you are intreasted let me know.

☺ Few to Follow